11 other planets in sci-fi movies that would be better off living on Earth

Fiction Movies have the magical power to transport us to faraway regions of the imagination that feel as real as everyday life. The more fantasy elements there are, the more viewers are drawn to these fantasy worlds. Losing ourselves in these imaginary lands is a universal childhood pastime, and its novelty never fades.

No matter how old we get, it’s always a fun time to watch movies that are set in futuristic and fantastic lands. We love its scenery, the lore, and once the movie is over and the credits roll, we find ourselves imagining a life for ourselves in those fantasy lands. Some are full of adventure and danger, while others bring together everything beautiful about real life. So, let’s check out 11 planets from the movies that would be better to live on than on Earth.

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11 Risa – Star Trek Universe

Planet Risa - Star Trek

Imagine a planet completely filled with scenery that resembles the best tropical vacation destinations on earth. This is an apt description of the fictional planet Risa from Star Trek franchise. Originally a semi-inhospitable planet plagued by earthquakes, it has been transformed by a local species using a high-tech weather control system to always have a temperate tropical climate all year round. Risa is a member of the Federation, known by its members as the Pleasure Planet – The Star Trek The equivalent of Bali or the Maldives, except that it’s an entire planet filled with fun beaches and tropical foods.

10 Hellion Prime – Riddick’s franchise

Hellion Prime - Riddick
Universal Pictures

Riddick It was an underrated science fiction franchise that unfortunately didn’t get nearly the same level of development as more popular franchises like star Wars. However, in just three films, the series has showcased an engaging cinematic universe filled with galactic-wide empires and mysterious and powerful beings. Helion Prime is a major planet in Riddick Cosmos, bastion of knowledge, culture and religious diversity. The best part about living on Helion Prime is its ample power supply: it has a sophisticated system of solar relay grids to power the planet, and even exports power to the other planets in the Helion system.

9 Knowhere – Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy know here
Marvel Studios

Everyone who watched Guardians of the Galaxy He would like to move to the fictional planet Knowhere at some point. Located at the edge of all space-time, Knowhere is the severed head of an unknown celestial being that serves as a lookout for the end of the universe, a haven for all intergalactic rogue methods. In the MCU, this planet is a veritable melting pot for all kinds of beings who converge here to make shady deals and escape the scrutiny of the wider universe. It’s basically the planet sci-fi equivalent of Shipwreck Cove from Pirates of the Caribbeanand introduces novelties rarely found elsewhere in the MCU.

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8 Naboo – Star Wars

Naboo - Star Wars
Lucasfilm Ltd.

Home of Queen Padme Amidala, Naboo is a planet occupied by a thriving civilization that values ​​peace and coexistence. Its settlements are designed in a beautiful and classic architectural style that seamlessly integrates with its lush ecosystem. Aesthetically, Naboo is a fine example of the Reformation style, although the “retro” part of it goes back centuries to Byzantine and Baroque styles of architecture. visitor to this novel star Wars The planet will find many things to keep you busy, from visiting the beautiful cities to enjoying its sprawling natural sites, full of amazing rivers and waterfalls.

7 Asgard – Thor

Asgard - MCU
Marvel Studios

A civilization powered by magical technology, filled with gods and an endless supply of exotic liqueurs – life on the MCU’s version of the mythical Asgard looks pretty enticing. The planet offers a wide variety of fitness activities, from hiking over rocky hills to friendly matches with jolly warriors. Best of all, Asgard will never leave you wanting to be party with friends – based on (early) bull Movies, its residents love a good excuse to drink and be happy. As an added bonus, traveling to and from Asgard will also be easy, as the Bifrost Bridge will instantly transport you to any planet in the solar system.

6 Cybertron – Transformers

Cybertron - Transformers movies
Paramount Pictures

Die-hard fan of futuristic sci-fi aesthetics are sure to enjoy a stay at Cybertron, the home of sentient robots from the universe transformers. However, they may need to discover an alternative source of food since Cybertron is an all-metal planet, full of mineral mountains and plains. Similar to Knowhere, Cybertron is actually the body of an ancient god called Primus, an ancient being who created the Transformers. The uncompromising, metallic horizons of Cybertron could be a sight to behold for Earth’s inhabitants, and living among sentient robots that can seamlessly transform into any model of vehicle designed on Earth would be a welcome change for the Engine Commander, too.

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5 Krypton – Superman

Krypton Series
DC Entertainment

Fans of comic books and superhero movies need one reason to put Krypton on their fantasy bucket list – it’s home Superman! With each new live-action portrayal of the iconic superhero, we’ve seen a different version of the planet. At its height, Krypton was a planet inhabited by a thriving civilization advanced enough to formulate escape plans in the event of planetary annihilation. The planet also features a geography full of enchanting crystal mountains.

4 Magrathea – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Magrathea - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Buena Vista Photo Distribution

Magrathea is perhaps one of the most daring people ever to confront an alien civilization. The inhabitants of Magrathea specialize in luxury businesses unique to the intergalactic industry: they build planets, bespoke planets to the whims of their clients, outfitted with every luxury imaginable. in the 2005 movie The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the Magrathean claims to have been part of the team that “built” Earth, and shares that it won an award for designing Norway. Visiting this planet can be a mind-blowing journey, and moving there permanently would require one to learn the trade in planet-building!

3 Baku – Star Trek Universe

Baku - Star Trek

Quiet Planet located in Sector 441 of Star Trek Universe, Ba’ku inhabited by a small population of humanoid creatures. Baku is not known for its technologically advanced society. Its inhabitants are simple folk who are content to live amid very basic technology, and are content to live off the land. Seems like an ideal place to live for someone who is fond of the idea of ​​going off the grid. However, the unique thing about Ba’ku, which has caught the attention of dangerous scavengers, is its planetary rings which emit a kind of metaphysical radiation that bestows health and eternal life on the planet’s inhabitants.

2 Coruscant – Star Wars universe

Coruscant - Star Wars
Lucasfilm Ltd.

Coruscant is the embodiment of a futuristic science fiction planet, the capital of the Republic and the center of all star Wars being. This planet is an ecumenopolis, which means that the entire planet consists of one city. Exotic-looking skyscrapers, dense urban skylines, and a barrage of neon lights shooting out from every corner of the planet—that’s your average day in Coruscant. As the center of the political power of star Wars Universe, Coruscant is also the site of the Galactic Senate, the Jedi Temple, the Jedi Archives, and many other important institutions.

1 Pandora – Avatar

Avatar 2 Concept Art #4

While it has been universally praised for raising the standards of visual effects in cinema, symbol picture It also caused a sense of gloom and dissatisfaction among thousands of viewers when the film was released in 2009. The phenomenon eventually gained its own unofficial name, according to the Guardian: “Post-symbol picture depressive syndrome. “The movie experience was apparently so satisfying for some people that they came away with a palpable feeling of dissatisfaction and disengagement from real life. Such was the magic of Pandora, the fantastical place symbol picture Who was teasing a way of living that was so good, people became depressed because it wasn’t real.

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