2022-2023 NBA Team Previews: Miami Heat Fantasy Breakdown

I thought by the time I wrote this preview, I was going to talk about the “new look” of the Miami Heat, with new star Kevin Durant. no. This is not the way things went. At least not yet. Let’s discuss what we should expect from the Miami Heat this season.

Video Reviews for Miami Heat Fantasy

depth chart

POS. beginning to support
PG Kyle Lowry Gabe Vincent
SG Max Strauss Victor Oladipo
sixth Jimmy Butler Tyler Hero
PF Nikola Jovic Caleb Martin
c Pam Adebayo Dwyane Didmon

guard point:

If you had asked me before last season if the Heat would have done better with Kyle Lowry, I would have said yes. However, he missed a lot of matches for ‘personal reasons’ and then when he played, he didn’t look healthy/in good shape. I say that because I refuse to believe that Kyle Lowry is over. As in, not good anymore. I’ll call last season an aberration, and assume Laurie will return to play this season of all-star caliber. I currently rank it as #30 PG in my fictional ratings, so I’m not exactly putting my ranking where my mouth is.

Shoot the guard:

Max Strus shot 41% of three, at 6.5 three per game. His 10.6 points per game and solid defense were enough to take the job from Duncan Robinson, even though the team paid him a guaranteed $80 million. The Heat continues to find players, give them roles and then pay their market value, despite their ability to keep finding diamonds in the rough. It puts them in bad places when they find themselves trying to improve. From a fantasy perspective, Strus won’t move the needle, unless you find yourself needing three throws in the category league. If so, you will likely find it in the waiver wire.

Small striker:

Jimmy Butler is as reliable as he comes. It’s given us something close to 20/6/6 for the past three years, and I don’t think this year will be any different. Especially, because they haven’t added another Kevin Durant alpha to their lineup. At the end of the day, Butler can be an essential part of any fancy list you create.

forward force:

I’ve taken some liberties with the depth chart here. Truth be told, Pam Adebayo is probably more of a PF center. In small formations, the center will play and Caleb Martin or Jovic will play all four. Jovic is a rookie and I think he was talented in the lottery, but he got caught up in the draft. He’s 6’11 inches tall, can score in all three levels, can bounce, and block shots. He’s exactly the kind of scorer that I felt Miami was missing in the playoffs last year, but I wouldn’t get ahead of myself considering he’s just a rookie and will have to earn his time playing and learning the game. In larger formations, he’s likely to come off the bench, Pam plays PF, and Dedmon plays in the middle. Despite Jovic’s size, he’s skinny, and likely not a defender far from blocked shots.


As long as your fantasy season doesn’t last in the NBA Playoffs, you’ll be able to count on Bam to win fantasy matches, whether you’re in the points league or the categories. Pam has given us roughly 19 points and 10 rebounds in annual averages for the past two years. With over 2 stocks and a few help to add that. You will not be disappointed with its production. I have an eighth in the fantasy world.

Main bench players:

Tyler Hero and Gabe Vincent


I don’t know if you can call up Tyler Herro while he’s asleep, but he’ll probably be on the bench, while still receiving the starting minutes. He gave us 20/5/4 last season at 32 minutes per game and shot 40% of three, winning our Sixth Man of the Year award. I expect a lot of the same this year. Especially with a new contract at stake. He qualifies for a junior extension that can pay him upwards of $180 million over 5 years.


no one

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