23 exciting Planet Earth crafts

Whether you’re planning Earth Day, teaching little ones how to take care of Mother Earth, teaching them about our Earth, or just want crafts around that big blue planet we call home, these 23 ideas will get your creative juices flowing! These activities are obtained to provide a variety of creative ideas for recreating the earth.

1. Color your 3D globes

These craft kits come ready-to-go from the Oriental Trading Company for kids so they can color, glue and display. Work to label the major continents and oceans, or just use them for decoration – whatever you choose kids will enjoy!

Learn more: Eastern Trading Company

2. Mosaic floor

This small hanging ornament depicts our wonderful planet with a smile and a little sparkle. It’s low prep and a lot of fun and kids will have fun making this adorable ornament to take home to remind them how important our planet is.

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3. Sealed Land Preschool

Using a circular cut of cardboard (or other circular object) as an Earth template and some washable paint, preschoolers will be able to spill their creativity onto black construction paper with this cute, minimalist craft.

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4. I am the heart of the earth

Using a simple jar lid, some clay, and a heart-shaped opening, this decoration will make your kids swoon! They’ll compress dry clay into the circle to create the motif of the Earth, and then stick it all into the core. This little craft makes a great gift for families.

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5. Draw a clutter-free land

Do you want to have children create an abstract land? Want to let the kids paint without the mess? You’ll get both perks with this simple Earth art project. Place a paper plate in a gallon plastic bag of green, white, and blue paint to mimic the colors of the earth, then have fun squishing the paint around.

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6. Earthen painting

When it comes to creating an exact replica of the Earth, what better material to use than some real dirt!? Students will use traditional media to fill in the water, but when it comes time to complete the terrain, dirt is in order!

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7. Mosaic decoration

Teach the students the art of mosaic with colored construction paper and a circular piece of cardboard. Secure it with a bead loop for hanging and you have a beautiful mosaic floor decoration to enrich!

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8. Ground tissue paper

Tissue paper and collective pieces of green earth turn an ordinary paper plate into these super cute textured models of earth that kids can easily create.

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9. Ground paper spinning

Using simple pieces of paper or cardboard, this idea lets kids get creative by coloring the earth on two sides and then hanging it from a strand of yarn, complete with an embroidered train to add that certain excitement.

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10. A literal land footprint

Whether you’re celebrating Earth Day or a birthday, this craft makes a great photo icing to adorn any fridge or card for someone special. Children will trace their hand as one of the blocks of land and then glue it, along with the other pieces, onto the paper.

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11. Seal the balloon

Using blue and green paint, as well as slightly inflated balloons, kids can create marble floor shapes on a sheet of black construction paper (or another color of their choice). This craft is perfect for toddlers and young children.

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12. The Bulging Earth

Let the kids have a little fun with the messy art! Using white glue, shaving cream, a simple paper plate and food coloring “paint”, kids will be able to make this cute little fluffy to take home and display with pride.

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13. Earth Suncatcher

Kids can make these cute little works of art using super simple materials. Tissue paper and pieces of wax paper bundled together to allow for a very nice replica of some stained glass. Hang them in a window for an epic display.

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14. Filter ground coffee

It seems that coffee filters have more than one use! In this app, kids can practice their “planned” scribbling skills with markers on coffee filters that you can then wet to create these beautiful dye-dye replicas of our beautiful planet Earth.

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15. Earth’s Layers 3D Project

This special craft helps kids understand the layers of the Earth from the outside in. Just print, cut, color and learn! This is a great way to get to know our giant planet!

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16. DIY Circular 3D Model

Simply print out this activity for kids to color in, cut out, and label and create this beautiful, full-scale version of the globe. This is the perfect activity to stretch advanced kids or get kids working on a creative project at home.

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17. Moss Earth Ball

This is such a cool and unique way to represent our Earth! Using a mixture of natural materials and a ball of yarn, students can create a truly epic floor circle to display in the trees outside or in the bedroom.

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18. Wonderful Earth

What kid doesn’t love to create with clay? Better yet, what kid doesn’t love creating adorable little figures with clay? The easy-to-follow instructions, along with some air-drying clay, provide an opportunity for kids to make this adorable little piece of art.

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19. Earth Necklace

Create some wearable artwork with this fun and adorable craft. A simple salt dough recipe, some acrylic paint, and satin ribbon turns out to be a beautiful way to pledge a student’s love for Mother Earth.

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20. Earth People

Celebrate the great diversity that adorns our Earth with this craft that begins as a craft to filter coffee, but ends with a beautiful representation of not only our Earth but also of the many cultures and people that make up the diversity of the planet.

More info: I heart crafty things

21. Playdough Ground Layers

Recreate the Earth with scientific accuracy using play dough to help children see and understand the variety of layers that envelop the core. The cross section ends revealing the final product.

More information: Plato’s Playdough

22. A 3D printable floor decal

This all-digital template is the perfect download for kids to get to create colorful and creative artwork. It represents all the beauty that exists on our earth and makes a piece that parents don’t want to throw away.

Learn more: Etsy

23. Mother Earth College

Another digital model, but this time celebrating the mother of all mothers: Mother Earth. This craft is elegant, fun, and perfect for students who want something they can treasure for many years to come.

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