7 things you didn’t know Siri could do on your iPhone

Siri, your iPhone’s default voice assistant, makes it easy to do things with words that might require your hands. With just your voice, you can take a phone call while you’re driving or set a 15-minute timer while you’re running around the kitchen. But Siri is capable of so much more than that.

Apple doesn’t brag about all the things Siri can do for you, and every year it adds more voice commands that you might not know about. Did you know that with iOS 16, you can finally now Restart your iPhone with just your voiceFor example?

And this is just the beginning. If you want to learn more about what you can do with your voice, check out these 7 hidden Siri voice commands you should be using.

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Quickly find saved passwords for websites and apps

You can save your usernames and passwords across all of your Apple devices, including your iPhone, with iCloud Keychain. On iOS, you can go to Settings > Passwords to view your saved passwords for your Apple ID, websites, and apps — but get to them even faster with Siri.

All you have to do is ask Siri “Show me the password for (app/website)” You will be automatically redirected to that password page specified in your settings. Before you can view the password, you’ll need to use Face ID or Touch ID for access. From there, you can copy your username or password to your clipboard.

Restart your iPhone

If you are facing a software problem, such as an app that keeps closing forcibly or a slow operating system, you can often fix the problem with a quick restart of your iPhone. All you need to do is press down the home button as well as the volume button for about a second and then swipe to turn off your device — but there is an easier way to restart.

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As long as you’re on iOS 16, you can tell Siri “reboot my phone” Then say “yes” When prompted to restart your device, without using your hands.

Turn off the annoying alarm

The alarm goes off, but you’re either not near your iPhone or maybe you can’t find it because it’s under your sheets or lost in the sofa cushions. The iPhone alarm will last for 15 minutes if you don’t cancel or snooze it, but there is a way to stop it with just your voice.

Even if the alarm sounds really loud, you can tell Siri “stop alarm” to silence him. In fact, you could even just say “Hey Siri” This will also stop the alarm from ringing. Unlike the snooze feature, using either of the two Siri commands will permanently turn off the alarm.

Find family or friends with Find My

Find My allows you to keep track of not only your Apple devices but also your friends, family and loved ones. If you’re tracking someone’s location via Find My, like your partner or sibling, you can use Siri to quickly check where they are.

Ask Siri “Where is (contact name)?” And a small Find My window will appear at the top of the screen, showing you exactly where the person is. Siri will also announce their distance and the approximate address of their location. If you click on the Find My window, you’ll be redirected to the Find My app, where you can contact the person, get directions to their location, and more.

Translate a word or sentence

Along with the standalone app, Apple’s Translate is built into your iPhone, allowing you to quickly translate languages ​​from anywhere on your device, including text messages, in your web browser and with Siri.

You can ask Siri to translate a single word or entire sentences with just your voice. For example, you can say “Translate” my head hurts. I think I’m going to sleep “in Spanish” Siri will then read your sentence in the original language and then in the translated language. If you want to hear the translation again, you can press the play button in the translation window.

Currently, 17 languages, including Spanish and Chinese, are supported with translation, but not all of them can be used with Siri.

Set a reminder based on your location

The Reminders app on your iPhone is a powerful productivity tool to help you remember what you need to do throughout the day, like make a phone call, send an email, or make an online purchase. But you don’t need to be reminded of everything on your to-do list at all times, which is why you can use Siri to create a reminder notification based on your location.

For example, if you want to be reminded that you need to pay your internet bill when you get home, tell Siri “Remind me to pay my internet bill when I get home” A reminder will be generated. The next time you get home (which you can set in Contacts or Maps), the reminder should appear on your phone. Besides work and home, you can set your location somewhere like Target or a local park, but Siri will need you to verify the exact address.

Get directions back to your car

Parked at an airport and lost track of your car? It can be difficult to find your way back to your parked car, especially if you haven’t made a mental note and you’re in a large parking lot or garage with hundreds of other cars. Fortunately, your iPhone usually knows where you parked — all you have to do is ask Siri.

Says “Get directions to my car” And Siri will open the Maps app and give you walking directions to where you think your car is parked. Your iPhone tracks other devices your iPhone is connected to, such as your car stereo, as well as your travel speed, to estimate where your car is parked.

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