A Filmmaker Asks The Internet For Hindi Movies Based On The ‘Chak De’ Genre

latest update: January 19, 2023, at 10:50 IST

Hindi films based on a discredited male coach who takes female athletes to victory have featured them as

Hindi films inspired by a discredited male coach who takes female athletes to victory have emerged as a foreign filmmaker’s “favorite subgenre”. The internet obliges her with many suggestions (Image credit: Twitter/@MelanieJEaston)

An Australian filmmaker loves the indie genre where a disgraced male coach leads underdog female athletes to victory. Twitter helps with many suggestions of your “favorite subgenre”.

‘Chuck D!’ India’ It was everyone’s all-time favorite movie. The story of a discredited coach who led an underdog women’s team to victory touched fans’ hearts. However, the genre has been experimented with by many Indian filmmakers who have tried to give the viewers an inspiring story to rely on. Be it Saroj Dei “connie” Or Nitish Tiwari DangalList contains many Hindi movies based on Sports and Drama category. Are you a fan of such movies? However, the Australian director definitely loves it and wants to dive deep into the genre of Desi movies made with a similar story.

Melanie Easton, a Canadian and Australian filmmaker, took to Twitter to share a photo of her collage movie posters Chuck D! IndiaAnd Kony, Erudy Sutro (Saala Khadoos in Hindi), And Dangal Embedded with text that says, “Indian films where a disgraced coach redeems himself by leading underdog female athletes to victory.” Then she asked for recommendations from netizens and wrote, “This is officially one of my favorite subgenres, please give me recommendations to add to the list.”

In no time, Twitterati obliged her with several close suggestions. The Malayalam film Godha is adjacent to this trope. The former wrestling champion begins training a young Punjabi girl after disappointments in his son. Highly recommended. The athletic girl runs away from an arranged marriage for her adopted Kerala village,” commented one user while another suggested, “Iqbal…a young man with speech and hearing problems, wants to play cricket in India. His father thinks it’s a bad idea, but his sister decides to help him out by hiring a washed-up cricket hero as his coach.”

It seems that this newfound genre has already garnered a die-hard fan following as netizens kept dropping recommendations in the comments section. Suggestions included “The Tamil film Kanaa”, “Bigil”, “Budhia Singh – Born To Run (2016)” etc. What would be your submission for this film entry?

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