A month on Mars: Prepare to visit the Red Planet… on Earth

On Monday (August 1), a group of eight researchers and their colleagues headed north to the High Arctic to spend a month at the Haughton-Mars Project (HMP) base on Devon Island, about 15 degrees south of the North Pole. The group includes base founder and campaign leader, Dr. Pascal Lee, a group of researchers from the MIT Haystack Observatory, other researchers and support staff, and I am the sole media representative.

This will be HMP’s return to base since 2019 due to COVID-19 restrictions, status uncertain – weather and polar bears (Opens in a new tab) It can cause damage to structures and support equipment. The site’s generators and ATVs have gone through multiple freeze/thaw cycles, and increasingly hungry polar bears may have made their way into some lightly built habitat – they’ve tried it before. While satellite images do not show any widespread damage, success is far from certain.

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