A Pakistani cricketer is embroiled in a bizarre online sex scandal

Pakistan captain Babar Azam has been embroiled in a bizarre online sex scandal after a few of his videos and screenshots. WhatsApp chats have been leaked online.

‘Leaked’ videos and screenshots of his chats caused a Twitter storm, with a section of netizens claiming that Babar Azam was sexting a girlfriend One of his teammates in the national team.

In addition to clips and chats, many voice recordings of the world’s No. 1 ODI champion have appeared on social media, leading to backlash against him.

Attacking Babar Azam, one Instagram user wrote, “I hope you get what I did. You can’t support a woman as a woman? Are you making noise because I’m showing his true colours? The rubbish will be exposed. He has to reap what he sowed. I will reveal the truth before I commit suicide.”

This isn’t the first time that Babar Azam has made headlines for the wrong reasons. In November 2020, a Pakistani woman slapper accused the Prime Minister of sexually assaulting her on several occasions.

The woman alleged that Babar Azam sexually assaulted her over the past 10 years after he falsely promised her marriage.

“I’ve known Babar since that time. He had nothing to do with cricket. He was from a poor family. I hope all my brothers and sisters here will help me get justice so that no daughter goes through what I have. Babar and I grew up in the same colony, and we used to stay together.”

“He was my boyfriend in school. In 2010, he proposed to me and I accepted his proposal. In fact, he proposed to me after he came to my house. With time, our understanding improved. We planned to get married and we informed our families too but they refused.”

Then Babar and I decided to marry the court. In 2011, Babar and I eloped and he promised to marry me, keeping me in rented quarters. During that time, I kept asking him to get married but he said β€œwe are not in a position to do that. In time we will get married.”

Talking about Babar Azam’s cricket career, the Pakistani talisman has come under heavy fire from critics over the past couple of months after the Asian team’s consistent poor performance on the field.

It’s Babar Azam’s captain who has been battered from all sides after Pakistan lost four consecutive Test matches at home for the first time after sweeping England 3-0 cleanly last year.

Their fortunes haven’t changed even in the new year as Army Green were beaten by New Zealand in a three-ODI series last week.

Despite Pakistan’s poor run, the legendary Wasim Akram came to support him and Babar Azam to learn from his mistakes as a captain.

“Commander Babar Azam is under fire these days. In this difficult time, a strong hand of support has come on his shoulder. We don’t need any enemy. We are self-sufficient. Stop making fun of yourself if you have Imran Khan, Javed Miandad or Mike Brierley sitting next to you, You will understand that Babar Azam has a chance of 2-3 years.β€œHe will prove to be the best captain,” Wasim Akram told Cricket Pakistan.

“If you asked me, I would have told you that foreign coaches won’t come; everyone fears that the contract will also expire if the board changes. If you don’t get a foreign coach, get services from Pakistan. The reason for the decline in the performance chart of fast bowlers is T20 cricket.” Added the former Pakistan captain.

The reason for this is the fear of losing. We must lose and win, but we should not be afraid. Wasim Akram concluded, “I am not saying that the Green Top stadium, but it should bounce a little bit, hit for two days, it should turn on the third and fourth day.”

Babar Azam’s support came across the border and former India captain Muhammad Azharuddin also said he should be given more time to prove his leadership skills.

If things don’t work out even after giving him a long rope, the Pakistani selectors will not regret removing him from the highest position in the team.

β€œEveryone takes time to learn. How long did that last? 1-2 years? Give him some time. It is not easy to judge a captain in such a short time,” Mohammed Azharuddin said on the sidelines of an event in Dubai.

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