A practice rider who was killed while practicing at the Tampa Bay Downs has died doing what he loves

Photo by Daniel Quintero courtesy of the Tampa Bay Downs.

brother A Venezuelan racer died Saturday morning at Tampa Bay Downs 19-year-old Daniel Quintero said he was pursuing his dreams of becoming a knight when he was killed.

According to the Tampa Bay Downs, Daniel Quintero died during a training accident at the racetrack while he was running on a horse around 7 am.

In an online statement, the track said Daniel Quintero has been at the Tampa Bay Down for the past six weeks and those around him during that month and a half believe he has what it takes to make that dream a reality.

“He had the passion, and that’s how we can all go about this,” said Oldsmar knight Manny Jimenez, who was translating for Daniel Quintero’s brother Darwin Quintero. “He (Darwin) has no ill feelings about racing or horses. He understands that this is the risk we all take, but what he would like people to take away from this is that we are people who come here looking for opportunity, and sometimes we have to take every risk.” Something because there is always someone at home waiting for us.”

Darwin Quintero and his father Evan Quintero, a 45-year-old machinist and welder from Miami, led a prayer congregation inside the Tampa Bay Downs jockeys’ room a half hour before Sunday’s first race.

The Tampa Bay Downs reported that Ivan Quintero, who was struggling to come to grips with the tragedy, said Daniel was dedicated to getting his way through the Thoroughbred game.

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Although Ivan Quintero said he did not agree with his son’s career choice, he dropped his opposition when he realized his son’s passion for horses.

“He tried to do things right and he was very sincere,” said Ivan Quintero. “He was a good friend, a very good child, and an excellent son.”

Samuel Martin, a Venezuelan native and jockey, met Daniel Quintero about two years ago at a racetracksack in their home country. He said Quintero told him that he strives to be the best jockey in the sport.

Tampa Bay Downs employees observe a minute’s silence for the death of a 19-year-old in a practice accident

“He would watch my races and ask me why I did something in the race or how I did it,” Marin said. “He was working all the time to get better. He was happy, he loved his job and he loved talking about the races. (Saturday) he was tough. We couldn’t believe it was happening. He was such a sweet kid, a special person. I have to believe that if he’s gone, it’s because God has a plan for him.” .

Veteran Tampa Bay Downs exercise rider Alberto Baiko says he mentored Daniel Quintero when he arrived at Oldsmar.

“I gave him some advice and told him to just ask if he needed anything,” Paiko said.

“He was listening. He was always listening, and he took what I gave him very well. The important thing for people to realize is that what happened to him can happen to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of experience or not. There is a Lots of traffic (on the racetrack), and sometimes there’s nothing to do. He was still learning, but there was nothing bad about that. He was interested in learning and getting better.”

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Although Jimenez says he really knows about Daniel Quintero by passing, he has seen his joy and passion for the sport.

“What I saw in this child,” said Jimenez, “is like a reflection in the mirror of the knight’s life.” “The risks we have to take, the road we have to take, how we have to keep working to get a chance to ride.

“He was a child with a great attitude and that was the beginning of this dream,” Jimenez said. “He (Darwin) wants people to know how much courage it takes to get this far.” “His brother is sad about what happened, of course, but he was happy because he was doing what he loved to do.”

In addition to his father and brother, Daniel is survived by his mother, JaColin Rivera, who lives in Caracas, has an older brother, Diego, in Colombia, and a sister, Samantha, and another brother, Juan Pablo, in Venezuela.

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