Al-Zaidi: It’s unlikely that the Giants will make more additions to the roster now

Last week, Giants baseball president Farhan Zaidi said the club wanted to get better behind the plate but it was unlikely To give a major league deal to remedy the situation. The view appears to extend to other areas of the list as well, as al-Zaidi spoke again with reporters, including Alex Pavlovich from NBC Sports Bay Area.

“It would be nice to have someone who can play in the midfield off the bench, ideally an over-defender,” Al-Zaidi said. “But that knocks someone off the list and at the moment, the way it looks, everyone has a sort of clear role.” And what about the stadium? “It would be difficult to bring in any additional players and have to move players around,” he says. “We kind of have most, if not all, of our bats responsible for those [outfield] Spots now.”

The Giants appear to be very happy with all the players in the mix at the moment and will stick with moves that aren’t standing for the time being. The club has added two overseas players already this winter, and they have signed Michael Conforto And Mitch Haniger to take over the corner corners. to leave Mike Yastrzemsky And Austin Slater Dealing with a center field during Jock Pedersen He is likely to take the bulk of the bat in the batter’s designated slot. They also have Luis Gonzalez And Heliott Ramos As players depth optional.

On the field, he’ll be more of a mixture of the leftovers from last year’s roster. Brandon Crawford Looked like he was going to come off the shortstop when Carlos Correa He was appointed to hold this job for the next 13 years. Then that deal fell through and Corea returned to the Twins, allowing Crawford to hang onto the spot. Cerro Estrada He took over the second base job last year, and should be back there in 2023. In 541 plate appearances in 2022, he hit 14 home runs and slugged 0.260/.322/.400 for 106 runs, indicating he was 6 percent better. % of batting in the average league. He also added 21 stolen bases, but opinions on his defense were mixed. His Outs Above Average and Ultimate Zone rating pegged him a mere shade below league average, but defensive saves gave him a grade of -12. Maybe a little more exposure to the position would help, since he only had a part-time job at Cornerstone before last year. Al-Zaidi stated that the club would like to add another midfielder, although it appears they will stick to minor league deals.

Lamonte Wade Jr. He’s been shut out of the outfield picture but looks like he’s likely to get plenty of chances to grab first base Brandon belt Now out of the picture. Third baseman Evan Longoria He also has a new team this year, leaving third base primarily in the hands of the Wilmer FloresWhile JD Davis And David Villar Each one is on hand to help out with the occasional corner.

in terms of depth, Isan Diaz And Brett wisely All of them are on the 40-man list and can be selected. This seems to be something to be appreciated, given al-Zaidi’s comments about not wanting to remove anyone from his current position on the list. Wisely has yet to make his major league debut, having just been acquired from the Rays and added to the roster before the Rule 5 deadline. He hit .274/.371/.460 in Double-A last year for 121 wRC+ while playing All home ground and left field. As for Díaz, he was sacked by the Marlins but then acquired by the Giants for a depth not on the list. 275/.377/.574 for Triple-A Sacramento and earning a roster spot again.

Like all clubs, the Giants would certainly love to add some extra depth to this squad but they seem to love all of these players enough that they wouldn’t want to sacrifice any of them in the name of extras. “I wouldn’t rule out bringing in someone who could be a multi-position utility type who maybe specializes in speed and defense, but he could run into someone we’re planning now. [on being] Zaidi said.

If this view continues in the next few weeks, the Giants will apparently be left with minor league deals. It seems likely that a spot on the list will open up soon, as it has been mentioned that Luke Jackson He could open the season on the 60-day injured list while continuing to rehab from Tommy John surgery. There is no injured list during the offseason, but players can be placed there once the pitchers and catchers reach spring training. If the club finds another player they’d like to add to their list, they can try to wait a few weeks to close the deal, although the player could also pursue more firm commitments elsewhere in the meantime. They’ll also have to be pretty confident in Jackson’s schedule, since his 60-day watch doesn’t start until Opening Day, which means he won’t be eligible for activation until late May.

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