5 exercises that women over the age of 60 can do

Most women are either confined to balancing their professional lives with their personal lives or are preoccupied with endless household chores. Many of them don’t even get time for themselves and indulge in activities like exercise. When they’re older and know their kids will do just fine without them, they decide to get involved in … Read more

Cacheflow Doubles Valuation With $10M Raised, Proving Venture Market Is Far From Dead TechCrunch

Casherloa startup-building tools for software sales closing process, announced this morning that it has closed $10 million in new capital. Cacheflow CEO and Co-Founder Sarika Garg She told TechCrunch the new capital doubled her company’s valuation, added former lead investor Glenn Solomon (GGV) to its board and brought in new investor Crystal Huang (GV) as … Read more

Apple introduces Apple Music Sing

December 6, 2022 press release Apple introduces Apple Music Sing Apple Music expands the world-class lyrics experience with a new feature that lets fans easily sing along to tens of millions of songs Cupertino, California Apple today announced Apple Music Sing, an exciting new feature that lets users sing along to their favorite songs with … Read more

Guardian of Air Quality Internet of Things News

We have all experienced one disaster after another in recent years, due to the coronavirus pandemic and the impact that different types of extreme climates have had. To help overcome the challenges brought about by environmental changes, and to enhance the capacity and effectiveness of digital technology in environmental governance, the Taiwan government launched “Civil … Read more

Motion modeling evolves with neural networks inspired by the brain

An overview of the DMAP architecture. Each component of the case history is processed independently by a temporal convolutional network (with shared weights). The extracted features are transformed into a matrix of value encoding and attention weights for each co-sensor and working component. The output of these matrices yields a participant-specific morphology encoder, which is … Read more