How much will your Social Security benefits increase in 2023 based on current inflation? | Smart Change: Personal Finance

(Bram Berkowitz) New inflation data for August sent the market lower earlier this week, with Dow Jones Industrial Average It gave up a staggering 1,250 points on Tuesday as inflation came in higher than expected last month. Inflation data doesn’t just affect the markets; It also plays a big role in determining how much to … Read more

Europe’s Entrepreneurship Deficit a Warning to the United States

While the United States has long been at the forefront of technological and economic development, Europe faces a shortage of high-end entrepreneurship. Understanding the contradictory paths of the United States and European countries illustrates the importance of new business formation and economic growth. High-end entrepreneurship is linked to better middle-class employment—a goal more important than … Read more

Blood stem cell research could change the medicine of the future

A microfluidic device that simulates a fetus’s heartbeat and blood circulation. The cellular seeding channels are indicated with a red food dye, while the ventricular systole control channels and the circulation valve control channels are indicated with a blue and green food dye, respectively. Credit: Jingjing Li, University of New South Wales in Sydney New … Read more

Delete Android phone browser cookies and cache to get rid of unwanted files

It sometimes doesn’t hurt to clear your Android’s cookies and cache in order to keep your web browser vulnerable, running efficiently, and preferably storing as few tracking cookies as possible. whether you have Android phoneThe Internet browser of Google Chrome, Firefox or Samsung Internet, it collects and stores data every time you surf the web. … Read more

Why the Internet Loves Chris Pine-Chuck Tingle Theory

This week online It is a weekly column summarizing a file The Internet’s Most Urgent Speech week and runs on Fridays for the Daily Dot’s web_crawlr newsletter. If you want to get this column a day ago we publish it, Subscribe to web_crawlrwhere you’ll get the daily scoop on internet culture straight to your inbox. … Read more

The Robertson Media Center is a hidden gem for creators – The Cavalier Daily

Tucked away on the third floor of the Clemons Library, the Robertson Media Center contains a treasure trove of creative technology resources freely available to university students and staff. Its spaces include audio and video recording studios, a 3D printing studio, virtual reality spaces, and computer labs. No need to hit the books—there are record … Read more

No, AI has not discovered a new type of physics

Can a computer algorithm discover something new in physics? It’s a great question. new research paper About the topic sexy title AI may have just invented ‘alternative’ physics. The term “alternative physics” is a lot like “alternative facts”, but let’s investigate anyway. How does the performance of this computer program compare to that of an … Read more

Microsoft’s new device goes through FCC, likely new ‘Surface Pro 9’ on ARM with 5G

New FCC file cleared from Microsoft Reports are for 4G LTE, 5G and Bluetooth Radiation Testing in a “Portable Computing Device” Previous reports from Windows Central indicate that this is the new “Surface Pro 9 5G” based on the ARM processor Historically, Microsoft has had Surface launch events from September to November, which will likely … Read more

Rich down! Class anger fuels a new wave of ‘us against them’ films and plays | Movies

a A luxury yacht marina might seem like a good place to relax. But movie audiences will feel somewhat differently about the allure of this type of private cruise after watching sadness triangleFirst Prize Winner at the Cannes Film Festival. A nasty graphic spectacle, featuring profuse vomiting and diarrhea of ​​high-income travelers, drew cheers and … Read more