Beautiful vibes are back like a street festival in Worcester

Artists and vendors lined up on Park Avenue for the START concert at the Street Festival on Sunday in Worcester.

The World – Art, Food, Passion.

StART on the Street—described as the largest one-day arts and cultural festival in central Massachusetts—had all that and so much more, returning to town on Sunday.

It is usually held on the third Sunday in September and there hasn’t been a strict event since 2019, as it has been closed for a few years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Tina Zlodi described the scene as “like getting up again,” as thousands of visitors flock to check out the food carts, craft stalls and assorted displays on Park Avenue that stretched between Highland and Pleasant Streets.

Welder/artist David Dawson talks to a customer at his broken-and-find booth during stART at the Street Sunday Festival in Worcester.

Wearing funky Ruth Bader Ginsburg earrings made after a late US Supreme Court associate justice while selling bottled water from a volunteer tent in the midst of all the action, Zlody shed tears as she spoke about her brother, Michael Zlody, who died nearly two years before COVID-19.

“This is the first (START) festival without him,” Zlodi said. “It’s an emotional day to look around here and see how happy people are.”

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