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    Under General Manager Kyle Davidson, the Chicago Blackhawks are undergoing what is expected to be a lengthy rebuilding process. this process Speculation was born About the future of franchise star Patrick Kane and longtime captain Jonathan Toews.

    The pair were the foundational pieces in the Blackhawks’ rise to NHL power between 2009-10 and 2014-15. They led the club to three Stanley Cups, won individual awards and secured a place among the leagues 100 greatest players.

    However, the Black Hawks have fallen steadily since their last tournament in 2014-15. They’ve only appeared once in a playoff in the past five seasons as salary cap restrictions and quick fix deals have exhausted their roster.

    Toze said Mark Lazeros It’s from The Athletic that Black Hawk could be looking at a five-year rebuild, which wasn’t “attractive” to him. He also said that continuous player turnover over the past three or four years has been β€œreally, really stressful. And stressful.”

    While Kane remains among the top scorers in the NHL, the past two seasons have been tough for the Toews. The 34-year-old missed the shortened campaign for COVID 2020-21 due to chronic immune response syndromeHe scored a career-low 37 points in 71 games last season.

    Like Kane, Toews has a salary cap of $10.5 million For 2022-23 With the condition of complete immobility. His actual salary would be $2.9 million after he received a $4 million signing bonus from Black Hawk. However, this contract won’t be easy to move unless the Blackhawks keep up to half of their headdress.

    Trying to bounce back from Toews could make him a tempting commercial target next season, especially for playoff contenders seeking a two-way position with leadership and championship experience. Here are five potential landing spots and what the Blackhawks can get in return.

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    On July 11,’s Amalie Benjamin mentioned The Boston Bruins have been waiting for word if Patrice Bergeron will return for another season or retire. They are also waiting to see if David Krejci intends to return after spending last season playing in his native Czech Republic. Three weeks later, there has been no word on whether any of the players will return.

    Even if one of them returns, the Bruins can look for another position for one of them top two lines Next season, especially if they hope to remain as a contender in the playoff. Maybe they’ll consider getting Toews on a one-season lease if he’s willing to accept a deal in Boston.

    Toews could fill the center role in the first or second line, depending on whether Bergeron and/or Krejci are back. His experience, drive, and two-way skills will make him a good fit alongside Bruins veterans, while younger players can benefit from his presence.

    Bruins may have to get creative to acquire Toews. They only have 4.8 million dollars in
    cover areaalthough they would get some relief early in the season if Brad Marchand (hip surgeryand Charlie McAvoyshoulder) Go to long-term casualty reserve as they recover from off-season surgery. However, Boston must be compliant to the max when they return to the squad.

    To counter the Toews, the Bruins can attempt to trade three teams. The Blackhawks will keep half of Toews’ $10.5 million cap, with the Bruins and the other club splitting the rest in half. They could offer winger Jake DeBrusk or quarterback Jack Studnicka as part of the comeback, along with a draft pick and prospect like John Beecher.

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    On July 13, Calgary Flames lost top scorer Johnny Goudreau to the Columbus Blue Jackets in free agency. Ten days later, hmm
    trade Winger Matthew Tkachuk to the Florida Panthers, with winger Jonathan Huberdeau and defender MacKenzie Wiggard as part of the return.

    Huberdeau and Weegar could help the Flames stay among the top teams in the Western Conference this season. However, they may need a boost in their second streak position at some point before the trade deadline. Toews might be a tempting option at that point if he’s willing to agree to a deal with Calgary.

    Shawn Monahan is expected to come home Right hip surgery Just in time for training camp in September. However, his struggles after surgery on his left hip indicate that he may have trouble filling the role of second line in the middle. The Flames can benefit from bringing someone with Toews skills and experience to offer Extra depth.

    Flames $9.3 million in the cover space With bound free agents Andrew Mangiapane and Oliver Kylington left to re-sign. Getting Toews over in the holiday season or the first half of the regular season could take up too much space even if the Blackhawks sucked up half of the blow of their hat.

    It might be best for Flames to wait until the trade deadline, when they’ve accumulated more space. A return to the Blackhawks could be a second-round pick, a young defensive man like Juuso Valimaki and potential like Connor Zary.

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    The Colorado Avalanche has a big hole in the second line center After the departure of Nazim Qadri free agency. Adrian Dater Colorado Hockey League Now recently suggested the Toews would be a solid alternative in the short term.

    Dater acknowledged concerns about Toews’ age, contract, and recent downturn in production. He predicted that Toews might not be available until the trade deadline, when it turns out to be a hot commodity. That would leave the avalanche tackling Mikko Rantanen or Alex Newhook as the second line center. JT Compher could also fulfill this role.

    Speaking of Compher, Dater suggested he could be part of a comeback for the Blackhawks. Avalanche may dangle in their first-round picks in 2023 and 2024 as well. However, they might be reluctant to let go because they have already exchanged the second and third rounds In both drafts. They may need to include a few more possibilities instead.

    The avalanche entered around August $18.2 million In the expected maximum space for trading. However, they may have to get the Blackhawks to pick up half of Toews’ hit cover to smooth the deal, especially if they plan on making other additions before the deadline.

    Toews production could improve skating at a deeper club in Colorado. He brought a lot of experience and leadership to the Avs in their quest to defend the Stanley Cup.

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    After reaching the 2020 Stanley Cup Final, the Dallas Stars missed the playoffs in 2021 and were knocked out in the opening round by the Calgary Flames last spring in seven tough games. They may benefit from having a Toews Center Their second linewith captain Jimmy Penn on the left wing and Tyler Seguin on the right.

    CHGO Sports Jay Zwasky A rumor linking the stars to Black Hawk star Patrick Kane was recently reported to be incorrect. Even if the stars are following the 33-year-old winger, the Black Hawks’ asking price along with Kane The ceiling reached 10.5 million dollars And the condition of complete immobility can put him out of the reach of the stars.

    Given the depth of the stars between the wings, Toews might be a better fit as a two-way center with significant championship experience. Granted, he has a contract similar to Kane’s and will have to agree to trade. Blackhawks will also have to keep a healthy portion of the hat that has been hit.

    The stars have 11.5 million dollars from
    Salary cap area He stayed, but they didn’t re-sign rising stars Jason Robertson and Jake Oettinger. They will probably have to wait until the trade deadline to accumulate enough roof space to follow Toews.

    For a comeback, the Blackhawks could ask for young defensive lineman Thomas Harley as well as a prospect like Ty Delandria along with a draft pick. However, hiring like Toews could come in handy if the stars are in the midst of a playoff by the trade deadline.

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    New York Islanders are following Free Agent Center Nazim Qadri, according to Kevin Kurtz from the athlete. If those efforts fail, General Manager Lou Lamoriello may consider Toews the second-line center choice.

    Islanders already own two centers in Matthew Barzal and Brooke Nelson. Kurtz suggested moving someone to the ward to make room for Cadre, but the same idea could be applied if they wanted to get the Toews.

    Qadri will provide Islanders with a checkered second streak position that comes from a career best of 87 points and the Stanley Cup Championship. Toews doesn’t play the same style, but he’s a strong two-way center that brings years of championship and leadership experience to the table.

    With 11.2 million dollars in Salary cap area
    And bound free agents Noah Dobson and Alexander Romanoff still left to re-sign, the islanders won’t have enough room for Toews’ full cover to start the season. They will have to convince the Blackhawks to keep half of it. In return, they could submit Josh Bailey along with a draft pick and prospect.

    NYI Hockey Now’s Stephen Rosner I recently mentioned that Carrots are shopping for Billy. The 32-year-old winger has two years left on his contract with an annual average of $5 million. Rosner believes he can do miracles for a rebuilding club like Blackhawks.

    Salary cap information is effective August 2, 2022, via friendly hat.

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