Bills vs. Points. Titans: Josh Allen, Buffalo make statement in blast win over primetime Tennessee

In the AFC weightlifting fight, he was Invoices Delivering a knockout Monday night while sending an emphatic message to the rest of the NFL. In a 41-7 win over the Visiting Titans, the Bills moved to 2-0 while cementing their case as the best team in the conference.

The bills’ dominant performance was in all three phases. The leader was quarterback Josh Allen, who threw for 317 yards and four touchdowns in three-quarters action. He had a field day wide throwing Stefon Diggs, who had 12 passes for 148 yards and three goals. Buffalo’s offensive was complemented by a defense that shut down waning Titans star Derek Henry, who finished the night with 25 yards and one touchdown on 13 coaches.

The game started competitively enough that both teams scored touchdowns in their opening drives. But the Bills took control of the match after that, scoring 10 unanswered points in the second quarter to lead 17-7 in the first half. The Bills finished the game’s competitive stage with 24 missed points in the third quarter. Of those points, 17 were the result of three forced turnovers that included Matt Milan’s 43-yard pick-set from Ryan Tanehill, who was rested by rookie Malik Willis after throwing his second pick in the quarter.

The win allowed the Bills to keep pace with the Dolphins atop the AFC East. At 0-2, Tennessee is a good companion, as they are one of three teams to have no wins and are currently based in South Asia.

Why did the bill win

All went well for Monday night’s Bills, which is really the headline. Buffalo showed in his first week against the Rams in Los Angeles that he deserved to be the favorite to lift the Lombardi Cup in February, Allen completed 26 of 38 passes for 317 yards and four touchdowns, while Diggs picked up 12 passes for 148 yards and three touchdowns.

The defense only allowed 182 yards from the Titans compared to the Bills’ 414, and Buffalo won the turnover 4-0. The Bills won every aspect of the game in Week 2. It’s that simple.

Why did the Titans lose

I think the better question is what went right for the Titans rather than what went wrong on Monday night. Tannehill completed 11 of 20 passes for 117 yards and two interceptions, Derek Henry rushed for just 25 yards and one touchdown on 13 holders and consistently bypassed the defense. I think the third element is what really stood out in this loss.

One of the weaknesses that was clearly exploited by Buffalo was Tennessee High School. The Titans’ No. 1 center back at Christian Fulton was left out on Saturday with a hamstring injury, and without him, this unit is young and very inexperienced. Former first-round pick Caleb Farley was playing in his fifth career, then Roger McCreary and Trey Avery are rookies. The three struggled to stop this explosive crime, especially Farley. It’s tough anytime Jake Kumerow cooks you for 39-yard gains. There were several big plays abandoned just like that one, as Diggs grabbed a 46-yard bomb and Isaiah McKenzie managed a 28-yard pass. Allen had a great base streak of course, but I’m honestly surprised he didn’t take more hits on the court.

The secondary Titans were also not very elite last year, but the Seven Applicants made them look good at times. With Harold Landry out this season with a ruptured ACL, Bud Dupre departed early Monday night with a groin injury, and Ola Adeney also exploded, the Titans’ defensive line struggled to put pressure on Allen – leaving the young corner back to them. special devices.

turning point

In the third quarter, the Giants finally forced the Bills’ first kick of the season. Sam Martin kicked her away, and Titans rookie Kyle Phillips turned her off—his second kick of the season.

The UCLA product has tremendous potential as a slot receiver, but you have to wonder if Mike Frabel will ever leave it back there as he moves forward.

play the game

Bills attack and all the points they put in was the headline for this match, but defense played really well too! They forced four massive transformations – which included this impressive interception from veteran Jordan Boyer.

What’s Next

The Titans return to Nashville next Sunday to host the 0-2 Las Vegas Raiders. As for the Bills, they hit the road to face the unbeaten Miami Dolphins nor quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, who came off with an impressive 469-yard, six touchdown performance.

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