Bob Iger says linear TV is dead, less live-streaming in the future, and smaller films – Deadline

“I don’t think all live streamers are created equal,” Bob Egger He said frankly today in 2022 Code Conference. “I don’t think they will all succeed.”

“There will be haves and have-nots,” the former House of Mouse president added, applauding predictably. Disney+, Netflixand “deep pockets” apple And the Amazon. “I will not prophesy others, Egger continued to say, leaving out the likes HBO Max And the peacock dangling in the wind.

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If survival of the fittest flowed in the mind of the casually dressed former CEO on Wednesday, so was the future of film and live television — and the bleak future of Iger’s POV.

The man who has worked for and ostensibly for ABC confirmed it for years, predicting a “world of mischief” is coming “I can’t tell you when, but added in a steady voice. On the big screen, Egger praised the collective experience of going to the movies, commenting the film industry as far from death, but stated that she was now “smaller”.

“I don’t think films will ever return to the level they were in the pre-pandemic period,” Iger said, noting that the “permanent scars” it has suffered since March 2020 have led to the shutdown of most of the world due to Covid. “Competition, choice.. it replaces going to the movies,” Iger explained of where he believes consumers really do exist, despite the hopes and calls of many studio heads.

This is “an age of great anxiety, because this is an age of great transformation,” Iger said of the industry in general.

With that, she ridiculed hostess Kara Swisher as the “Prince of Cashmere” at the front, and the relentless effort to get him to malice the head of Warner Bros. Discovery David Zaslav And his Disney predecessor Michael Eisner, the relatively relaxed Iger also made it clear that he’s outside of the entertainment executive game, really. “I don’t miss my job,” Disney vet Iger, 47, added less than a year after leaving his first-class position. “Retirement is great, I have a completely different life than before. Lots of air in my day.”

Often whispered to Egger as a candidate with electoral ambitions, he said, “I’m not planning to run for office…that’s exactly what I said.”

Kick off his Code session with his greatest career successes and “Miss” (aka Maker Studios) for his attempts to harness the “disruptive effects of digital technology,” Iger spoke Wednesday about the lessons he learned from large shelf space and “user-friendly” Netflix in the early years of last decade. “At Disney, we were the first studio to license movies to Netflix,” the former CEO and Chairman stated. “We were selling nuclear weapons technology to a third world country, and they are now using it against us,” he added of the harsh realities of deals with Netflix and the gravitational pull of the changing industry.

After the likes of serious Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg in the red chair, Iger’s appearance on stage at the well-conditioned Beverly Hills Hilton today comes just two days ahead of Disney and current CEO Pop Network The 100th Anniversary of the House of Mouse at the D23 convention in Anaheim. Still a frequent attendee nowadays on the high-powered Sun Valley circuit and a high-profile member of Tinseltown’s Gossipy Star Chamber, Iger finally walked out of Disney in December 2021.

Since Iger’s prolonged withdrawal during the first year and a half of the pandemic, a series of stumbles in the Magic Kingdom have repeatedly fueled the rumor mill to the limit due to his view of his successor entanglement and the relationship between the duo. For a city thriving on gossip, gossip has subsided in recent weeks as Disney shares rebound, company digital platforms soar, and theme parks fill corporate coffers.

The 71-year-old Iger, who is well positioned on a slew of well-chosen start-ups and boards, said he’s working on another book and is now an “entrepreneur”

Speaking of entrepreneurs, Iger was followed up at Code on Wednesday by one-woman maker Issa Ray.

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