Brahmastra: Bollywood Hopes Ranbir-Alia Is The ‘Revival Astra’ It Needs As Suspension Films, Artists Deal With Liquidity Crunch

When was the last time an Indian film hit theaters with the burden of an entire industry – its future, its films, its decisions and its significance? Brahmastra, actors Ranbir Kapoor-Alia BhattThe latest high-volume fantasy epic, it will land in theaters Friday with unprecedented weight on its heavy shoulders VFX.

For a movie that aims to delve deeper into Indian mythology, featuring various characters who possess all kinds of astras (supernatural weapons), the greatest strength the Brahmastra has for Bollywood is the one it has been oblivious to throughout its making: The Revival Astra.

“With the kind of pre-booking it’s gained, and the excitement that’s suddenly on display, Brahmastra is like the oxygen of the industry,” says director Milap Zaveri.

It’s all about timing

When it was first announced in 2014, director Ayan Mukerji’s movie – titled Dragon – was a huge project, but it wasn’t the kind that commercial critics, film studios, producers, directors, and, oddly enough, Twitter trolls have been waiting for.

Brahmastra, in every sense of the word in the film industry, is the biggest release of the Hindi film industry. Directed by Ayan Mukerji, backed by Dharma Productions, Starlight Pictures and Prime Focus in association with Star Studios, it has been set to approximately 5,000 screens in India and 3,000 screens internationally.

There is a lot to prove, that Bollywood can succeed with the right movie Although negativeand much to remind the loyal ticket-buying audience that the magic of movies remains full of wonder.

It is launching in a year in which only three Bollywood films have worked so far – Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2, Jangpai Kathyawadi And the Kashmir filesWhile most of them faced severe negativity online as part of the “Boycott Bollywood” campaign. All eyes and hashtags are naturally on the movie.

Film trade analyst Komal Nhata told that there is ‘tremendous pressure’ on Brahmastra to raise the numbers at the box office.’ The situation is that people feel like ‘Oh Bollywood movies don’t work.’ Because it suddenly seems that filmmakers get it wrong, and for no other reason.

“Once every 10 to 15 years, there comes a time when the public demands change, they don’t want any tour of the factory story. When that happens, the industry is shocked, they don’t know what to do, where to go, what to make. In that sense The pressure on the film is enormous,” Nahta says.

Until the chart makers sparked Kesariya days before Ranbir and Alia’s wedding in April, there was great doubt about Brahmastra due to numerous delays and reshoots, which left people wondering if the movie would ever see the light of day. However, Kesariya’s announcement, which was followed by the release of the Brahmastra trailer in June, made people optimistic.

Then the rest of Pritam’s soundtrack brought excitement, which came to a head last week when the filmmakers started dropping small visual units.

But when the team released their second trailer to announce the opening of pre-bookings on Saturday, the result was a shock to many. According to trade observer Himesh Mankad, Brahmastra managed to sell more than one lakh ticket in four days, with only 3D shows open for reservations.

To put the numbers into perspective, pre-booking number should be Ranveer SinghDrama Cricket 83 had a price of 1.17 lakh, while Epic SS Rajamouli was priced at 1.05 lakh and Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 was priced at 1.03 lakh. The film is now just behind KGF’s second act, which is comfortably at the top of ticket sales at 4.11 lakh.

“The excitement is insane. The pre-booking is extraordinary, rivaling Sanju, Ranbir’s top opener (Rs. 34.75 crore). After the pandemic, no movie has scored these numbers except for KGF 2 which was the sequel to a hit and beloved movie. So what Brahmastra is witnessing is a delight. Really chest,” says Milap Zaveri.

Your eyes are on you, Brahmastra

A table in a cafe in MumbaiThe Versova Gallery – dotted with boutique production companies, the office of casting agents, and the homes of many artists from various Bollywood hierarchies – is the center of heated debate. A group of aspiring writers and actors are predicting opening-day numbers for the Brahmastra and, in a dripping tone of anxiety, contemplate the future of films and their careers.

A source tells that if Brahmastra is successful, it will enable artists to get their money back. If it doesn’t, there will be a ripple effect, adding to the doomsday that the industry has already reached halfway through.

“There is a dearth of cash flow in the industry, and as a result budgets are being cut – from writing, acting and filming. Once this is released, it will make up for all the negativity that has been thrown at the industry and the narrative that none of the Indian films are working.

“It is important for all of us not only to get a job, but also to get the money that we were negotiating. The volatility of the movie means that you earn less. That is why there is a lot of anxiety and nervousness to see how this person will perform,” the source adds, explaining the impact the flow.

According to multiple well-respected industry sources, the fate of more than a dozen films lies in how the Brahmastra is received by the public. Dreams can be revived or put on the shelf on Friday.

“The situation is terrible in the industry. With almost nothing being done, everything really depends on the Brahmastra. If the big films are successful, let’s say Aamir KhanLal Singh Chadha, Akshay KumarSamrat Prithviraj or Shamshera for Ranbir Kapoor, the pressure would have been natural.

“But not today. There are huge budget cuts across production houses, and everyone is too afraid to start anything too risky. In fact, dozens of small and medium-sized films have paused their theatrical release to see how the Brahmastra works. Otherwise, everyone will be heading to OTT” , says an industry insider.

There is also a list of films whose production is based on Brahmastra. “Vicky’s big movie The Immortal Ashwatthama has been shelved due to the pandemic and uncertainty about reviving production cost. But that could definitely change if Brahmastra clicks.

And if the film ends up doing well, it will only enable other production houses to replay their high VFX movies. There are at least two or three such films waiting in green-light queue. If the big films find their way into production, it is clear that they It will lead to smaller theater films that also get that much-needed boost. It’s the Brahmastra series that’s their start,” another source adds.

Director Milap Zaveri, who has made masala films such as the Satyameva Jayate and Marjaavaan franchise, says everyone in Bollywood knows the importance of Brahmastra. Put simply, the director says, Brahmastra has “pumped life into an industry” that the past few months and years have been “difficult” in.

“For the Hindi film industry, the success of the Brahmastra is significant. It is the biggest film in India, mass-produced. It is a loving work for the entire crew. They embarked on the journey almost 8 years ago and it is amazing the kind of patience and vision that Ayan Mukerji has had. doing it.

“I’ve never seen the entire industry so optimistic and positive. Everyone wants the movie to be successful. There isn’t a single person who doesn’t want it to do well. The industry hopes it’s a great movie,” adds Zaveri.

The figure game and the All India crown

Brahmastra, far from exploring Indian mythology on the big screen, is also a numbers project, being cited by fans, commerce and industry. Nearly 3,000 days in preparation, opens in nearly 8,000 screens, with over INR 25 expected on day one after pre-booking total of nearly two lakhs.

But one of the numbers that has come up time and time again in the lead up to the movie’s release, is its budget, which is estimated at Rs 400 kronor, making it one of the most expensive Hindi films to have been installed. But Komal Nhata insists that while the numbers add to the pressure, one must look at them in the context of Brahmastra’s ambitious three-part universe.

Nahta says directors are not foolish to invest a large amount in the hope of getting everything back from just one movie. “If it does happen, great, even if it doesn’t, it’s not a point to despair because, after all, it’s a trilogy and a whole new universe. The trilogy will happen, but its success could enable filmmakers to make more films within the universe, as Marvel is doing.”

“So it’s not as if 400 krona should be recovered from that part, no. They don’t even expect it, because part of the budget is an investment for the entire universe, which will be carried over in the second part, the third part of the franchise.”

One of the ways its makers hope to get as close to – if not overshoot – the budget is by giving the film, an all-India wide escalation. Since Telugu actors Pushpa and Brahmastra hope to capitalize on this.

Apart from Hindi, Brahmastra will be released in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. Filmmaker SS Rajamouli is on board as a presenter on the Southern District. The film also stars Nagarjuna in a lead role, which the filmmakers hope will translate into the footsteps of Southern Star fans. According to sources close to the film, plans have already been made to make the presence of Southern stars stronger in the upcoming parts.

“The movie is too huge and too huge, too expensive and too ambitious to contain just Hindi movie stars. They will add more well-known faces from Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam going forward so that the movie reaches a wider audience base,” the source adds.

With the film opening to 8,000 screens worldwide, trade sources say the film is about to take a “sudden and respectable” opening and will then be based on word of mouth.

Unlike other Bollywood releases that have attempted a pan-Indian move this year, such as Laal Singh Chaddha and Shamshera (both also released in Tamil and Telugu), Brahmastra has comfortably positioned itself as a thriller promising an unmissable cinematic experience.

“Even the film’s songs in different languages, especially the Kaiser, were the perfect crossover. None of the other Hindi films had that and thus were only driven by the power of the stars. But in areas where your image isn’t overpowered, you need the films to be bigger than your faces.” A trade source says Brahmastra is recording results on that front, too.

The team also heavily promoted their film in the South. A big fan event with Jr NTR, even if it didn’t work out the way they intended, it worked for them because that would definitely boost first day ticket sales. If Rajamouli supports your movie, Jr NTR pushes you, that definitely makes a huge difference,” the source adds.

Trade is optimistic that the film will score in the Southern region, but says the estimated one-day figure will only become clear as the release date approaches. Depending on where the movie goes, Bollywood will finally be able to break the pan-India model, which is to make the “correct” movie wide and give it a “necessary boost”, rather than the surface level mark.

Right now, everything, every decision, every number of crunching is done with crossed fingers and silent prayer. Brahmastra’s powerful hype, if the movie lands well, will directly enable all other releases, including the next biggie, Vikram Vedha, starring Hrithik Roshan And the Saif Ali Khan.

“I hope the Brahmastra was that spark that lit this wave. I hope this trend continues with all the other films that are set for releases, even Pathaan, which I believe will be another historic start as the whole world awaits the return of SRK,” Milap Zaveri pauses.

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