“Bullsh*t” Toyoto Boss called up for a heavy apology after Kyle Bosch conspiracy theory despite admitting engine failures were “unacceptable”

While it may not fit the popular narrative swirling in NASCAR circles, Toyota is deeply troubled about what happened with Kyle Busch in Bristol. Soon-to-be driver Joe Gibbs Racing became one of the stories of the night when he was knocked out of qualifying with an engine failure.

And not just an engine failure, his second engine failure in three weeks.


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Speaking of Bosch’s exit from the championship competition, Toyota driver David Wilson addressed the media and expressed his thoughts on the situation.

“We cost Kyle Busch a chance in his third championship,” he is He said.

However, NASCAR fans haven’t really bought into Toyota’s interpretations or sleepy outlook on the status of the two-time champ’s season.

In fact, many of them reacted pretty badly and insinuated that Toyota doesn’t really care about Kyle Busch given what’s happened in the past six months or so.

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David Wilson explains the problems Kyle Busch and his #18 Toyota Camry have encountered

The Toyota boss has opened up about the multiple engine failures they’ve been through this season with Kyle Busch, which is surprising considering they had no failures last season.

Wilson described that they found “InstabilityOn their valve train, which, according to them, was powered by a NASCAR-authorized tachometer.

“Arguably, I would dare say, if we were running the same package as last season, we wouldn’t see any of this. We just didn’t test this. We discovered a weakness in the valvetrain,” he added.

RICHMOND, VA – APRIL 02: Driver of the March 18 Crunchy Cookie Toyota vehicle Kyle Busch waits on the grid during qualifying for the NASCAR Cup Series for Toyota 400 owners at Richmond Raceway on April 02, 2022 in Richmond, Virginia. (Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

Wilson assured thatThere is no question NASCAR and the teams are looking into the problem and will definitely fix it in the future.


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As for the outcome of the season for them, the Toyota boss insisted that no matter what happens, Kyle Busch’s exit will still haunt them, no matter.

“Whether we’re lucky enough to win a championship with Christopher or Denny later this year, I’m still haunted by what happened, not only in Bristol, but also in Darlington,” He said. “Two engine failures in three weeks are unheard of.”


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“this is unacceptable.”

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