US weekly jobless claims fall to a nine-month low; Speed ​​of productivity gains

Weekly jobless claims drop 3,000 to 183,000 Continuing claims decreased 11,000 to 1.655 million Productivity accelerated at a 3.0% rate in the fourth quarter Unit labor costs grow at a rate of 1.1% WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The number of Americans filing new applications for unemployment benefits fell to a nine-month low last week, as the … Read more

Hawley wants to protect Social Security and Medicare from the debt ceiling

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Missouri, is joined from the left by Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark. Scott Applewhite Associated Press file photo Washington Sen. Josh Hawley introduced a bill Wednesday to prevent Congress from using Social Security and Medicare as a tool in negotiations over the debt ceiling, as some members of his party have talked about … Read more

Powell Rally Won’t Break S&P 500; Reduces wage growth

If the markets are alright, tomorrow’s Fed meeting policy statement will announce the next-to-last rate hike in the cycle, with a quarter-point move expected to take place on March 22nd. However, it is possible that Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell will have other ideas. That’s why the S&P 500 pulled back from a six-week high … Read more

The not-so-good future | Search for alpha

nicoletaionescu/iStock via Getty Images Ruchir Sharma, chairman of Rockefeller International and a highly respected economist, paints a not-so-flattering picture on a Monday morning. He ends his letter on Monday with these words: While the next contraction may take longer And it will likely take on an unfamiliar shape, perhaps not much deeper but more permanent, … Read more

The true cost of shadow work

One of the biggest economic mysteries right now is why worker productivity is so low, particularly in the United States. Some economists say it’s just a correction to the unsustainable hard work many of us have done during the Covid-19 pandemic. But there was also a decline in productivity after the Great Recession. And while … Read more

Former Walmart CEO warns consumers could be in ‘a world of hurt’ if Biden doesn’t act soon

Former Walmart CEO Bill Simon joined “Fox & Friends Weekend” to discuss the spike in layoffs nationwide that has now extended beyond the big tech industry. Mass layoffs are hitting more than just the big tech industry. On Sunday, former Walmart CEO Bill Simon joined “Fox & Friends Weekend” to warn Americans about… Harmful effect … Read more