How to make money online as a musician

When choosing a side hustle, people’s priorities vary. A third, 34%, of scammers prioritize working with a flexible schedule, According to a DollarSprout October 2020 poll of 500 people With sidecars, while 20% gives priority to compensation. But even more important is enjoying work, which 42% say is their number one priority. People’s hobbies and … Read more

Peter Swanson: Reading scary books at a young age

Swanson: Patricia HighsmithRipley’s UndergroundIt’s the second in the Ripley series and the only one of the five I haven’t read. I love Highsmith. I don’t think anyone has ever omitted in that gray area of ​​moral lines people would cross as she does. books: What other writer do you like who mines that gray area? … Read more

Art industry news: Actor Seth Green pleads for his bored monkey robbery, announces ‘Friends Happened to Me’ + Other Stories

Art Industry News is a daily summary of the most important developments emerging from the art world and the art market. Here’s what you need to know on Thursday, May 19. need to read Ernie Barnes Estate gets representation on the show – that was quick! A week after the appearance of Barnes’ painting Kristi’s … Read more

Album Review – “Bronco” by Orville Beck

By evoking the powerful sensuality of American music legends, pairing them with a superior understanding of style and presentation, and delivering it all to the rafters aloud, Orville Peck took what should have been an engaging form of musical entertainment, and elevated it into a burgeoning movement or phenomenon. Initially buoyed by the obsessive focus … Read more

Bethenny Frankel on reframing her failures and her new book

When I phoned Bethenny Frankel for this interview, I was more nervous than usual, perhaps because I saw her gobble up fellow “Real Housewives” when they ask her a question she doesn’t like, or aspiring entrepreneurs who put her on “Shark Tank” when they’re not ready. Both things probably happened during our conversation, so she … Read more

Amari House for the Performing Arts / Noah

Amari House for the Performing Arts / Noah © Ossip van Duivenbode +26 Share Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest The WhatsApp mail or space The area of ​​this architectural project space : 50000 m² year The year of completion of this architectural project year : 2021 Pictures manufacturers Brands with products used in this architectural … Read more

Camila Cabello flashed a firm frow, lower chest in a chain bra

Camila Cabello She looks like the strong and powerful queen who appeared in a recent Instagram post. The singer, 25, posted herself in some hot clothes (including a floral chain bra) that showed off her impressively toned abs. Camila works with coach Gina Willis to stay strong and ready for any and all stage performances … Read more

An exclusive excerpt shows Ray’s parents

who are they Ray’s parents? That was the question that had plagued Star Wars fans for years during the sequel to the Disney trilogy before it was finally revealed that they were of Sith descent and nothing but the descendants of the evil Emperor Palpatine in “Episode Nine: Heavenly Rise” (2019). Now, New Zealand writer … Read more