Watch the trailers for the movies that hit the big screen in February

This month’s lineup of movies matches the season, with comedy hitting theaters before the Super Bowl and Magic Mike returning to the big screen just in time for Valentine’s Day. Here’s a look at the movie trailers coming to a theater near you in February. Buy your tickets here. 3 “Knock at the Cabin” A … Read more

Top 10 new movies and shows coming soon

during Netflix campaigns All Quiet on the Western Front For Best Picture — a must-see movie if you want to show off to your friends about seeing all the nominees — the streaming device has a few of the coziest new shows and movies coming out this month. Well, except You are. Anyone watching You … Read more

The 8 best movies like Dead Space

dead spacea sci-fi horror video game starring the ever-suffering engineer Isaac Clarke, has risen from the dead with remake From the original 2008 version for modern consoles courtesy of Montreal-based developer EA Motive – which is really good! Whether this is your First time Descend into the bowels of the USG Ishimura-loaded Necromorph, who is … Read more

Every actor is rumored to replace John Krasinski as Reed Richards

A lot of names have been thrown around rumored about MCU‘s Fantastic Fourincluding these eight actors who can play Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic. While Marvel Studios is a Fantastic Four Reboot under WandaVision Director Matt Shakman Marvel’s First Family roles might be some of the biggest in Hollywood right now. After all, fans have … Read more

Pamela Anderson Talks Sex Tape Saga – Rolling Stone

In the last years, the documentary was the world the A place for the cultural reappraisal of famous women being torn apart by the invisible hands of misogyny. A series of documentaries and surrounding investigations Britney Spearsalong with the fan started The #FreeBritney movement, led to the end of the pop star’s harsh tutelage. Document … Read more