How to make money online as a musician

When choosing a side hustle, people’s priorities vary. A third, 34%, of scammers prioritize working with a flexible schedule, According to a DollarSprout October 2020 poll of 500 people With sidecars, while 20% gives priority to compensation. But even more important is enjoying work, which 42% say is their number one priority. People’s hobbies and … Read more

Album Review – “Bronco” by Orville Beck

By evoking the powerful sensuality of American music legends, pairing them with a superior understanding of style and presentation, and delivering it all to the rafters aloud, Orville Peck took what should have been an engaging form of musical entertainment, and elevated it into a burgeoning movement or phenomenon. Initially buoyed by the obsessive focus … Read more

5 Takeaways From Harry Styles’ New Album, Harry’s House

Three years later A fine lineHarry Styles’ new era arrives with open arms. In March, Styles announce his forthcoming third album, Harry’s house. The record is apparently named after Joni Mitchell’s song “Harry’s House / Centerpiece” from 1975 summer meadows hiss; Styles is a huge fan of Joni Mitchell who was once upon a time … Read more

A group of trapped birds hope to save them too

Asheville, North Carolina – Before sunset on a warm weekday in early May, Avey Tare — a member of the psychedelic pop band Animal Collective — adjusts his glasses and dips his eyes in the waning daylight. He could hear a woodpecker chanting loudly in the Appalachian foliage along the Blue Ridge Parkway, knocking on … Read more

The 30 Greatest Fleetwood Mac Songs – Ranked! | Fleetwood Mac

30. Keep on Going (1973). A masterpiece from the album Mystery to Me. Written by Bob Welch, Keep on Going sets Kristen McPhee’s voice against an arrangement audibly influenced by the soul music of Philadelphia International Records at the time: dramatic chords loud, dance floor drums. It is unlike anything else Fleetwood Mac registered. 29. … Read more

Jedi Lee on Beer and Rush 2.0 and his friendship with Alex Lifeson

This interview was conducted for the 300th issue of Classic Rock, which launched in 1998. Anniversary Edition is available for online purchaseIt also features interviews with Ozzy Osbourne, Gene Simmons, Def Leppard, Alice Cooper, Rick Nielsen, Slash and many more. It is characterized by looking forward, not backward, Jedi Lee He has undergone a bit … Read more

Remember the top 5 iPod models from Apple

The iPod, the device that turned Apple into a major music player, revolutionized the way we consume digital media and essentially defines it as great for a generation, is officially dead. But just because Apple discontinued the iPod after 20 years of using white earbuds and clicking wheels, that doesn’t mean we should forget the … Read more