Eric Weinberg, former producer of Scrubs and ‘Californication’ has been charged with 18 counts of sexual assault and assault.

Eric Weinberg, co-executive producer and writer on television comedy of the 2000s scrubsOn Tuesday, he was arrested again and charged with 18 counts of sexual assault and assault by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office. The arrest was made days after the charges were filed – including rape, oral intercourse, sexual battery, false imprisonment, assault … Read more

Chris Cuomo’s primetime debut on NewsNation is a fluctuation in ratings

Chris Cuomo Back to cable news channels were reviews The flop that put him in last place against the competition. The Former CNN star premiere His new show “Como” on NewsNation drew just 147,000 viewers on Monday night, according to figures from Nielsen Media Research. Como – from As reported by The Washington Post He … Read more

Why were Jeffrey Dahmer’s eyes yellow? Jeffrey Dahmer sunglasses

Content Warning: This article contains references to murder and sexual assault that some may find disturbing. The reader is advised to appreciate. If someone used the term “serial killer’s eyes” as a descriptor, a specific color, shape, or size might not come to mind, but you’ll definitely know what they’re talking about. You might even … Read more

No one has watched Trevor Noah – and no one will watch his not-so-funny liberal alternative either

with Trevor Noah announces he is leaving “The Daily Show” The question on everyone’s mind is: Which unfamiliar liberal “comedian” that few will watch will take his place? Late-night television “comedy” has become entirely political, and politics, of course, comes from only one direction: the left. It has had a real impact on ratings. as … Read more

Joel McHale impresses with real-life NYC-inspired chef The Bear’s chef – and does he want to come back? [Exclusive]

▶“src=” “frameborder=”0 “allow=” acceleration; auto start; clipboard writing. gyroscope encoded media; Picture-in-Picture “allowfullscreen> the actor/comedian Joel McHale usually plays the funny magician in most of his roles, but when it comes to playing the role Aggressive and abusive NYC Chef in The bear, He left his archetypal figure at the door. McHale’s character is … Read more

Kelly Ripa sets records in Regis Phillipines fight: ‘Take the highway’

Kelly Ripa insists she does not “disparage” former co-host Regis Philbin – saying she is simply “setting things straight” about their “complex” relationship. Ripa, 51, and Philbin—who died two years ago at the age of 88—spent a decade hosting ABC’s Live! Together, they shared the screen between 2001 and 2011. But the pair have been … Read more

John Dutton from Kevin Costner is the governor of Montana

Kevin Costner’s John Dutton steps into the combustible politics of Yellowstone. Paramount Network has released the trailer for the fifth season of Taylor Sheridan’s Western drama, which shows the formidable Dutton patriarch and breeder sworn in as Governor of Montana. One of Dutton’s powerhouse first steps is to fire his senior staff and put his … Read more