“My name is Ben and I get depressed sometimes” – Meet the young Brit who talks about mental health

Ben Ogden, a 24-year-old personal trainer and content creator, tries to get people to talk about their mental health. He does it in a rather unorthodox way: by standing at crowded train stations across the UK holding cardboard signs that read, for example, “If you’re struggling with your mental health, let’s talk”. The missing apostrophe … Read more

Lawmakers reach deal to help veterans with burns | Tourism projects. & Politics

By Kevin Friking – The Associated Press Congressional negotiators announced Wednesday that they have reached agreement on legislation to enhance health care services and disability benefits for veterans exposed to toxic burns in Iraq and Afghanistan. The agreement paves the way for the passage of a bill that has become a top priority for veteran … Read more

The Utah Interim Committee on Health decides on temporary issues and discusses solutions to lower drug prices

Interim talks in the Utah legislature echo similar unresolved topics as the recently ended legislative session, including lowering the cost of health care while improving quality, expanding behavioral health services, and expanding the safety net. Interim Committee on Health and Human Services They met for the first time on Wednesday to discuss interim study items, … Read more

Navy chief recounts waiting times for mental health services

(News Nation— As the Navy investigates a series of suicides linked to the USS George Washington, the highest-ranking enlisted member of Congress Wednesday reported long waiting times to Congress for sailors in need of mental health services. According to Russell Smith, the Navy’s chief junior officer, “Except for the most egregious cases, those on the … Read more

Predicting future patient healthcare expenditures from chest radiographs using deep learning: a pilot study

chest radiograph data All procedures in this study were approved by the Institutional Review Board of the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center, CA, USA and were performed in accordance with relevant guidelines and regulations. The University of California Institutional Review Board, San Francisco Medical Center, CA, USA has waived the need for informed … Read more

History of health in our time

The humanists, in desperate need of enrollment and scholarship, increasingly embraced the health humanities as a means of salvation. As more and more students pursue professional or pre-professional degrees in the health sciences, courses in pain and disease literature, medical ethics, and history of medicine and public health provide a way to attract these potential … Read more

Health Care – Biden Takes Action on Formula Deficiency

The Circus is back in town – “Pharma Bros” Martin Shkreli was released early from federal prison on Wednesday after serving a sentence for securities fraud. Health officials on Wednesday warned of a spike in COVID infections and said that if Congress continues to stall passing new funding, the United States risks not being able … Read more

Speaking of strengthening the EU’s defense, Brussels means business – POLITICO

Click play to listen to this article a new plan Coordinating increased military spending among EU members is not only about strengthening Europe’s defenses – it is also about strengthening its defense industries. As governments across Europe ramp up defense budgets in response to Russia’s war in Ukraine, the race is on to determine who … Read more