3 Mental Health Reasons That Ban Religious Fasting

People of various faiths, such as Judaism, Islam, Christianity, or Hinduism, participate in fasting—temporarily abstaining from eating and sometimes drinking—as part of their religious practice as a means of repentance, purification, or self-discipline. In addition to the religious and cultural significance of fasting, some people experience mental benefits of fasting as well. Some observational studies … Read more

6 mental exercises to improve your mental health

to many people, Anxiety stems from negative thinking or anxiety, which can relate to circumstances, to others, or to ourselves. One everyday way to reshape our minds is through thinking exercises that may help us see our experiences in a new light. This is more complex than just “positive thinking” and can help us make … Read more

Nevada violated federal law by unnecessary institutionalization of children with behavioral health problems – The Nevada Independent

Nevada routinely fails to provide appropriate treatment and services for young people with behavioral health disabilities, and instead has relied excessively on institutional settings such as hospitals or residential treatment facilities to a degree that is likely to violate federal law. This is according to an investigation by the US Department of Justice, which was … Read more

Netsmart and Southeast Kansas Mental Health Center collaborate to provide integrated care

Overland Park, Kansas – (work wire) –Southeast Kansas Center for Mental Health (SEKMHC) And Netsmart Strengthen Their 30-Year Partnership By Upgrading SEKMHC’s Adoption Of Fabric Care® A platform to enhance clinical, financial and operational efficiencies across the organization’s services and high-quality treatment programs. Netsmart is the leading technology partner for Community Mental Health Centers (CMHCs) … Read more

Readers respond to the “fiasco” unfolding at the state mental hospital

A slow-motion disaster unfolds at the Oregon State Hospital, which does not have enough space to receive severely mentally ill patients who need beds. To create that space, a federal judge ordered a closed psychiatric hospital to repair the backlog by releasing patients facing criminal charges (“balloon effect” WWSeptember 21). But the counties where the … Read more

opinion | Behind Newsom’s move on California’s chronic problem with the mentally ill

Dan Morin, former editorial page editor for Sacramento Bee, and author of “The Kamala Road: An American Life. “ In 1967, Ronald Reagan, the Republican governor of California, signed legislation that would have a far-reaching impact on people with severe mental illness. That was also the year Gavin Newsom was born; Now, 55 years later, … Read more

Santa Barbara County achieves success with joint response mental health teams | Mental health care in crisis

Lenny Marcus came home from work one night nearly six years ago to find his adult son incoherent, sitting on the floor of his Julieta home surrounded by his vomit. Marcus remembered how his son, who was 24 years old, could barely speak; He knew they would have to go to the hospital to have … Read more

New Alzheimer’s drug slows mental decline by 27% in clinical trials

The Japanese pharmaceutical company owns Eisai and its partner, Cambridge-based Biogen announce Their drug slowed the cognitive decline of Alzheimer’s disease in a global trial. The drug, an antibody called lecanemab, slowed the rate of cognitive decline in the volunteers by 27% compared to those receiving a placebo in the large, late trial. The companies … Read more

How Bears WR Pettis is using his passion for art to help those with mental health issues

Since he was a kid growing up in California, Dante Pettis has always been an artist on the football field. There are enough snapshot moments from his days at JSerra Catholic High School and the University of Washington to fill several photo albums. Pettis’ NFL success didn’t materialize the way he had hoped after the … Read more