Invitae has launched an expanded pharmacogenomics panel and a dedicated mental health panel

New 38-gene test panel and clinical decision support tool analyze patient genes and co-drugs for their impact on drug and dose allocation. SAN FRANCISCO, May 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/– invitation (NYSE: NVTA), the leading medical genetics company, today announced the commercial availability of an expanded Invitae Pharmacogenomics (PGx) panel that includes the specialized Invitae Pharmacogenomics Mental … Read more

The study found that one out of every six is ​​killed by pollution worldwide

The study, published by the Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health, found that pollution kills 9 million people each year – nearly three-quarters of them from harmful air. According to the study, deaths from air pollution and toxic chemical pollution have increased by 66% over the past two decades, driven by uncontrolled urbanization, population growth … Read more

Are we in a chaotic world? Find out with All About Space

Inside Issue 130 of Inside All About Space, on sale now, explore chaos theory and how it affects the world around us as well as applies to the wider universe. Subscribe to All About Space (Image credit: Future) Get everything about space delivered straight to your door or digital device. Subscribe to All About Space … Read more

BBC black hole nonsense | David Whitehouse

meIf you’re a science journalist, you obviously can’t go wrong when you get an exclusive story combining Stephen Hawking and black holes and solving one of science’s biggest paradoxes. And so the BBC’s science correspondent of 24 years and honorary president of the Society of British Science Writers, Balab Ghosh, got his hands on it. … Read more

Vaquitas: What are the ‘smiling pandas’ of the sea and why are they becoming extinct?

The plight of the vaquita has only worsened in recent years, but scientists have some relatively good news for the piglet. Although there are only about 10 individuals in Mexico, a team of biologists have found that this species is still healthy and can survive – as long as illegal fishing stops in their waters. … Read more

After the craze for renewables, Vietnam’s solar energy goes to waste | energy

Ninh Thuan, Vietnam – For up to 12 days each month, Tran Nhu Anh Kiet, a supermarket manager in the Ninh Thuan province of Vietnam, is forced to turn off his solar panels during the most lucrative peak hours of sunshine. “I lose an average of 40 percent of production,” Kate told Al Jazeera, referring … Read more

3D porous structure of the oldest materials in the solar system

Porosity is an important physical property that greatly influences a wide range of physical processes on asteroids. Significantly affects the mechanics of drilling. It not only contributes to dampening shock waves but also determines the amount and distribution of waste heat generated1,2,3. Porosity affects the permeability and movement of gases and liquids through an object, … Read more

Physicists explain how the type of aurora is formed on Mars

Researchers led by the University of Iowa have learned how a type of aurora borealis forms on Mars. In a new study, physicists report a separate aurora formation through the interaction of the solar wind and crust in Mars’ southern hemisphere. Credit: CU/LASP. Physicists led by the University of Iowa have learned how a type … Read more