Truss’ environmental policy seems to be: Don’t think about it | Conservative Conference 2022

In the middle of Liz Truss’ speech, at the end of a messy and divisive conference, a protest by green area Activists may have been inevitable given the frustration and anxiety brewing among environmentalists about the direction of government policy. The Prime Minister’s words will only increase their anxiety. To cheer from the conference hall, … Read more

New observations reveal how giant structures in space connect the universe and form galaxies

The abstract breaks down mind-boggling scientific research, future technologies, new discoveries, and major breakthroughs. Our universe is connected by a cosmic web, a vast network of filaments spanning billions of light years and made up of gas and dark matter, a mysterious substance that has so far eluded explanation. Now, scientists have discovered galaxies aligned … Read more

Effect of biochemical, epigenetic and genetic factors on the health of red blood cells

Berry Andemariam, MD: This is the perfect part of a question I want to ask Matt. How are 2,3-DPG levels increased [diphosphoglycerate] The effect of red blood cells? Matthew M Heaney, MD: An increase in 2,3-DPG shifts the sigmoid-shaped oxygen dissociation curve to the right. This increases the p50 we use in the lab, which … Read more

Study indicates that the environment sector has failed to become more environmentally inclusive

The environment sector is failing to act on its ambitions to become more inclusive, and new research suggests that only one in 20 organizations enact plans to increase racial diversity. According to a sector-wide survey, out of 44 environmental charities, 84% had considered or were taking action about non-inclusion, but only 4% said they had … Read more

TIP Startup LambdaVision brings promising microgravity manufacturing experiments back to Earth

You might not think of the vast and wonderful expanses of the universe as a manufacturing site. But UConn TIP startup LambdaVision has found success manufacturing its microgravity technology on the International Space Station (ISS). LambdaVision is working with ISS, NASA and Space Tango to explore how microgravity can improve the manufacturing process of a … Read more

Spin fluctuations show how galaxies grow out of the cosmic web

Examples of SAMI galaxies with a central bulge and a surrounding disk. Credit: Hyper Supreme-Cam Subaru and Pan-STARSS The alignment between the rotation of galaxies and the large-scale structure of the universe reveals the processes by which the various components of galaxies are formed. The structure of the universe is widely traced through the distribution … Read more

A bipartisan bill in Congress could mark a new chapter in the fight for wildlife

A bipartisan proposal in Congress aims to halt the alarming decline of many wildlife species with an unprecedented increase in habitat spending. In Minnesota, a Restoration of America’s Wildlife Act It can improve the fortunes of bellies, turtles, songbirds, and dozens of other endangered or degraded species. The US House of Representatives passed a version … Read more