Auckland floods: City clean-up begins after ‘biggest weather event’ in New Zealand history | Oakland

Insurers say devastating floods in Auckland were the ‘biggest weather event’ in New Zealand’s history, as rain eases after days of precipitation And the process of cleaning the city has begun. Friday was the wettest day on record for New Zealand’s largest city, as torrential rain sent floodwaters sweeping into streets and down highways, killing … Read more

The Environmental Protection Agency is vetoing the Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay, Alaska, to protect salmon

Comment on this story Suspension A controversial Alaska gold and copper mine project may now be on the table after the Biden administration officially restricted mining in the region to protect it. One of the largest salmon breeding grounds in the world. The Environmental Protection Agency announced Tuesday that it used a provision of the … Read more

Signals from the missing gray nurse shark’s markings leave researchers baffled

The movements of a $5,000 satellite tag, originally attached to a gray reef shark, have baffled researchers tracking and studying the endangered species off Australia’s east coast. the main points: The tracking marks came off two of the sharks prematurely In one case, researchers suspect, a fisherman accidentally caught the shark and removed its tag … Read more

How to find sustainable travel companies

People said that the epidemic was their creation They want to travel more responsibly In the future. New data now suggests that they do. According to a report published in January by the World Travel and Tourism Council and Group: Almost 60% of travelers have chosen more sustainable travel options in the past two … Read more

Associated Press Exclusive: Emails Reveal Tensions in Colorado River Talks

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Conflicting priorities, outsized demands, and the federal government’s backtracking on a threatening deadline thwarted a deal last summer on how to dramatically reduce water use from the parched Colorado River.Emails obtained by The Associated Press appear. The documents span the June-August period that the US Bureau of Reclamation gave states to … Read more

When a new type is entered incorrectly.

A conservation researcher responds to Tory Bush’s bookBig feet. “ I was once talking with an environmental historian who made a comment that stuck in my mind: Humans are a species Homo Tinkerus. Their point was that self-control is difficult for people, especially in our environment—we like to change things up. Historically, these interventions have … Read more

The Auckland floods are a sign of things to come – the city needs rainwater drainage systems suited to climate change

The extraordinary flooding that occurred in Auckland on the night of January 27, the eve of the city’s anniversary weekend, was caused by rainfall that was literally off the chart. Over the course of 24 hours, 249 mm of rain fell – well above the previous record of 161.8 mm. a Declared a state of … Read more

Farmers Union calls UK environmental targets ‘irrational’ and ‘unattainable’ | Farming

The National Farmers Union (NFU) has raised questions about the government’s proposed targets on water pollution, tree planting and rebuilding, calling them “illogical” and “unachievable”, according to documents released by the environment ministry. Under the Environment Act 2021, the government is required to set legally binding targets for nature restoration and environmental improvements. Consultation on … Read more