How to drive a spring herd genetic gains

The use of genomics along with three breeding indices to select bulls has placed a Welsh herd in the spring at the top of the rankings for fertility and protein production. Rhys-Davies, who milks 100 Holstein Friesians in Flintshire under the Ffrwd prefix, originally milked Holsteins, but started rearing their calves in 2001. However, a … Read more

Using deep brain stimulation to treat symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease

One of the most innovative medical developments of the 21st century – deep brain stimulation (DBS) – has allowed doctors to target specific regions of the brain and treat conditions such as dystonia, epilepsy, idiopathic tremor, Parkinson’s disease and obsessive-compulsive disorder. This neurosurgical procedure involves implanting electrodes that generate impulses that control abnormal brain activity. … Read more

hybrid future? Hybridization could make heat-averse species more resistant to climate change

With the climate warming rapidly, many species will struggle to avoid extinction. If they have time, they can evolve to the new environmental conditions. But they don’t. This is where crossbreeding can help. When related species reproduce, an influx of new genetic diversity can help them adapt to warmer environments. Hybridization is often a cause … Read more

JScreen Announces Fifth Annual Jewish Genetic Screening Awareness Week – Feb 11 – Boulder Jewish News

A week of powerful events, timely information and resources to raise awareness of the importance of genetic screening Atlanta, Georgia – January 2023 – JScreenAnd A national nonprofit public health initiative dedicated to the prevention of genetic diseases, announces the fourth annual Jewish Genetic Screening Awareness Week (JGSAW), which will take place on February 5y … Read more

Learn about your kidneys and how to keep them healthy

Sanford Vet W Sanford promise (Midwest Initiative Program in Exploring Science) has teamed up to bring you an amazing new video lesson about the science behind healthy choices and your kidneys. Why kidney? The kidneys are just one of several organs that are essential to maintaining your health and you may have two of them. … Read more

UMass Chan researchers have achieved a gene therapy milestone for a potential treatment of Cockayne syndrome

Researchers working with the UMass Chan School of Medicine’s Translational Institute for Molecular Therapy report progress in developing a vector to deliver gene replacement therapy in mouse models of Cockayne syndrome, a rare and fatal neurodegenerative disease that largely affects children and young adults. This proof-of-concept milestone for an adenovirus (AAV) vector gives hope to … Read more

Cancer risk: “A change in bowel habits and a non-healing ulcer should never be left unchecked.”

In 2022, approximately 14,16,427 people will be diagnosed with cancer. Lung and breast cancer were the most common types of cancer. In India, cancer cases are on the rise. Data shows that one in nine people is likely to develop cancer in his/her life.Dr. Rakesh MP, Assistant Professor, Medical Oncology, Amrita Hospital shares, “Cancer is … Read more

A study of DNA replication targets genes for antibiotic resistance

A model for the initiation of SaPI DNA replication mediated by Rep. (a) ATP-independent flexibility of CTD reveals residues involved in iteron recognition. The diameter of the barrel may accommodate at its N- and C-terminal sides dsDNA. In (b), two hexamers speculatively depicted embracing dsDNA. Possible interactions between hexamers and hexamers may lead to opposite … Read more

Columbia researchers uncover a dangerous link between serotonin and heart valve disease

This image shows the mitral valve of a mouse heart that lacks the serotonin transporter (SERT) gene. The valve was stained with prico-sirius red to show collagen. The SERT knockout mice had a thickened mitral valve compared to normal mice. Credit: Columbia University Irving Medical Center A new study led by researchers at[{” attribute=””>Columbia University’s … Read more