Using deep brain stimulation to treat symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease

One of the most innovative medical developments of the 21st century – deep brain stimulation (DBS) – has allowed doctors to target specific regions of the brain and treat conditions such as dystonia, epilepsy, idiopathic tremor, Parkinson’s disease and obsessive-compulsive disorder. This neurosurgical procedure involves implanting electrodes that generate impulses that control abnormal brain activity. … Read more

Auckland floods: City clean-up begins after ‘biggest weather event’ in New Zealand history | Oakland

Insurers say devastating floods in Auckland were the ‘biggest weather event’ in New Zealand’s history, as rain eases after days of precipitation And the process of cleaning the city has begun. Friday was the wettest day on record for New Zealand’s largest city, as torrential rain sent floodwaters sweeping into streets and down highways, killing … Read more

hybrid future? Hybridization could make heat-averse species more resistant to climate change

With the climate warming rapidly, many species will struggle to avoid extinction. If they have time, they can evolve to the new environmental conditions. But they don’t. This is where crossbreeding can help. When related species reproduce, an influx of new genetic diversity can help them adapt to warmer environments. Hybridization is often a cause … Read more

The Wildlife Council proposes to cancel Vasco stretch | Goa News

Panaji: The National Wildlife Council has proposed canceling the double-track of the Vasco-Castlerock-Tinaighat section, and instead laying double-track the Hubballi-Ankola road.Board members, while discussing the Karnataka proposal at the Hubali-Ankola Railway Project Standing Committee meeting last month, said there was a “need to avoid” deforestation and, therefore, double tracking of densely forested areas such as … Read more

The Environmental Protection Agency is vetoing the Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay, Alaska, to protect salmon

Comment on this story Suspension A controversial Alaska gold and copper mine project may now be on the table after the Biden administration officially restricted mining in the region to protect it. One of the largest salmon breeding grounds in the world. The Environmental Protection Agency announced Tuesday that it used a provision of the … Read more

Earth’s continental crust is quite strange

I’ve said this before on this space, but Earth is weird. Consider this: Altitude distribution across the many planets and moons in our solar system. Credit: Vita-Finzi and Fortes, 2013. These diagrams show the distribution of surface heights over a range of large and small bodies in our solar system. Something has to jump off … Read more

The new time-lapse video shows 12 years of exoplanets orbiting their star

Credit: Northwestern University In 2008, HR8799 was the first exoplanet system ever to be directly imaged. Now, the famous system stars in its very own video. Utilization Notes Northwestern University astrophysicist Jason Wang has over the past 12 years collected amazing time-lapse video of a family of four. planets—each mass larger than Jupiter—orbits their star. … Read more

Beech Wildlife Column: Listen to our woodpeckers

Occasionally a fourth species may also be observed – the wryneck, although this species is a passerine bird. The great spotted woodpecker is a medium-sized, widely distributed bird that inhabits a woodland habitat but can also be seen in urban parks and gardens. Adult males are black and white with a distinctive red spot under … Read more