A bipartisan bill in Congress could mark a new chapter in the fight for wildlife

A bipartisan proposal in Congress aims to halt the alarming decline of many wildlife species with an unprecedented increase in habitat spending. In Minnesota, a Restoration of America’s Wildlife Act It can improve the fortunes of bellies, turtles, songbirds, and dozens of other endangered or degraded species. The US House of Representatives passed a version … Read more

Mapping disease risks in human and wildlife ‘hotspots’

Rhesus macaques in Shimla, northern India. Credit: Dr. Krishna Balsubramaniam New research has identified how infectious diseases spread among wildlife populations in areas where humans and wildlife live in close proximity. The study identified animals, specifically wild monkeys that live in large groups alongside human settlements, which may act as a “superspreader”. He found that … Read more

Student illustrations bring wildlife book to life

When veterinary student Laura Donoghue learned that Cortland Seafood had whole, fresh fish, she immediately ordered a few perch and went home to dissect them on her kitchen table. What resulted — perch organs, scales and tiny bones lined up in trash bags and plastic wrap — might have been a harrowing sight for anyone … Read more

How to find the attractiveness of a human animal

When Robin Ehrlich visited Alaska last August, a Hawaiian was hoping to see humpback whales at their summer home. And she knew exactly how she wanted to watch them: on a whale watching tour that ensured the safety and sanctity of marine mammals. “We must be cognizant of our choices,” said Ehrlich, director of education … Read more

Felicia Nigga carries on a family tradition of fish and wildlife enforcement as the new DNR Conservation Officer – Grand Forks Herald

BEMIDJI–I’ve heard stories from her father and grandfather–of late-night patrols, of days spent in the nice and unpleasant outdoors checking hunters and fishermen, and the misadventures and misadventures that come with a career in No two are alike. For Felicia Nigga, that was enough to steer her toward a career in fish and wildlife. “It’s … Read more