How far do Leaf golfers fall in the rankings? Take a look | Golf news and tour information

If there was a bit of desperation in LIV Golf’s recent attempt to find a way for its events to deliver golf’s official world ranking points –Partnership with the Middle East and North Africa Development Round, which has not held any event for more than two years– That might be understandable. Among the remaining obstacles … Read more

Tiger Woods and the story of his “grandfather”

“Grandfather,” the tiger calls him when he points to him, but not only. Charlie Woods is named after him, in his honor, so that he will never be forgotten. Charlie Seaford, story Addicted to golf and cigars, when he arrived in Philadelphia from rural North Carolina in the 1940s, Charlie Sifford realized that black golfers … Read more

Amir Malik on a campaign to make golf more inclusive for Muslims

CNN – Amir Malik is a man who loves her golf. However, golf didn’t always like him. A devoted sports enthusiast since his childhood in Kingston upon Thames, London, he was fascinated by golf long before he first took on swing. But since he didn’t know anyone else who played, Malik settled on a side … Read more

The PGA Tour plan will feature winners, losers, and captivating players

When it comes to making consequential changes, the world home of the PGA Tour has a lot in common with the Vatican, two reclusive worlds accustomed to moving at the sleepy pace of papal encyclicals rather than the pace expected in the modern world. It’s been 39 days since the final authority of the tour, … Read more

10 ways to own 5 par-5s without having to beat them

by: Kelly Stenzel, Top 100 Teachers October 1, 2022 Smart shot mode can pay dividends for par-5s. Getty Images Par-5s are both a challenge and an opportunity. Since they are the longest gaps, things can go south quickly if you don’t plan well. But on the other hand, short par-5 tools can provide excellent opportunities … Read more

Tiger Woods is back as a boxer for Charlie

Head back to the field with the hero dad by his side as a boxer. A special day for Charlie Woods who got the support of his father Tiger in the final round of the Notah Begay III Junior Golf National Championship in Florida. After the first dim round (without the tiger), Charlie in the … Read more

Is now a good time to try a new golf ball?

by: Ryan Noll September 30, 2022 Is now a good time to try a two-tone golf ball like the Q-Star Divide? sriksson Welcome to another version of Fully equipped mailing bagsponsored by Cleveland/Srixon Golf,’s interactive series where we answer your tough questions. How do I know when it’s time to try a new golf … Read more