Karis Levert gets his first breakout into the small front position of the Cleveland Cavaliers in their pre-season opener

Philadelphia — While Cleveland Cavaliers coach JB Bickerstaff has about two weeks to decide on his fifth base player for this coming season, substitute Karis Levert will get the first shot. Sources told cleveland.com that LeVert, who spent a lot of time working with the first group during training camp and was wearing a wine-colored … Read more

Game preview: San Antonio Spurs at Houston Rockets

The San Antonio Spurs They completed their annual training camp and hit the road in their pre-season opener against Houston Rockets. While both franchises may have a name etched into the Victor Wembanyama lottery by the time we reach All-Star Break, both rostering are full of players hoping to establish themselves as cornerstones. Jalen Green, … Read more

Inside Ben Simmons’ hard, snowy road to Nets

Nets fans have been waiting a while to finally see Ben Simmons in good health, both mentally and physically. And while they haven’t seen all the work he’s done to get healthy—and will have to keep doing to stay that way—it’s been a long way to go. “I put myself in my position. I’ve been … Read more