NCAA Board Approves NIT Women’s Basketball Tournament, Votes To Revive NCAA-run Enlistment Academies

On Wednesday, the NCAA Division I Board approved the reinstatement of the NCAA-certified summer basketball academies and event recruiting for high school boys. In addition, the establishment of a high school girls’ basketball academy event was also approved for the first time. The board also passed a proposal for a girls’ college basketball tournament for … Read more

SoCon’s unique transfer rule marginalizes Honor Huff from Chattanooga after he follows his old coach to a new school.

In April, the previous Campbell Christ Keeper Thompson audience went With his disagreement over Big South’s bylaws that prevent him from transferring to a school within the convention unless he sits outside the graduation season. The tactic is half successful. The Great South, which was one of two unions that supported an exit rule from … Read more

Gonzaga-Tennessee MBB Show Set for PPV

The pay-per-view model in sports is an interesting one. She did very well in boxing (so much so that PPV-incompatible models were there in the beginning Merge some PPVs), MMAAnd the wrestlingHowever, attempts to incorporate this into other sports have not always gone smoothly. For example, there was a lot of joy earlier this year … Read more

The adverts explore options aimed at creating influence in the future restructuring of college football and basketball

Last month, the professional organization representing FBS sports directors issued what amounted to an ultimatum. The ‘vast majority’ of those announcements at the Lead1 League meeting in Washington, D.C. had a ‘strong preference’, the NCAA continues to run major college football if The assembly “could be more streamlined and less bureaucratic.” Otherwise what? The answer … Read more

2022-23 ITH Season Preview: Iowa Hawkeyes – Inside the Hall

With college basketball season on the horizon, we’ll be taking a look at the conference in general and Indiana’s roster over the next month. Today, our team previews continue with Iowa. previously: North WestAnd the NebraskaAnd the Pennsylvania stateAnd the MarylandAnd the Minnesota Iowa State was expected to drop last season after the departures of … Read more

5 Notes From Playing Basketball In Texas

My road trip through Texas continued on Friday as I made my way south from Waco to Austin to see the University of Texas practice. Chris Bird His second season begins at the helm of the program. His arrival and instant success in the transfer gate sparked extreme expectations for last pre-season, including a first … Read more