Sweeney sums up Bruins’ 2021-22 campaign at the end of the season for Bracer

As such, Sweeney is well aware of the expectations that Bruins are operating under on an annual basis. And after coming out of the playoffs last week, he knew they had missed their ultimate goal. “We haven’t achieved what we had hoped to do during the season,” Sweeney said Wednesday morning during his finale. “Only … Read more

Carolina Hurricanes New York Rangers Game 1 Ian Cole

It was Ian Cole, just as everyone in the building expected, who played the overtime champ in Carolina Hurricanes Wednesday night in the first game against Rangers, Cole scored 3:12 in the overtime period to complete the return of the Kans team. The Hurricanes opened their second-round streak with New York in the worst possible … Read more

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Ante Ranta foils former Rangers companions to steal game 1

RALLY, NC – This was the goalkeeper who pushed Henrik Lundqvist off the bench for four straight games in the middle of the 2016-17 season, when nothing like this had happened before. It was the goalkeeper who introduced himself to Rangerstown on the first day of training camp in 2015 by assuring everyone that he … Read more

‘Really hit home’ | Sabers join the Bills and Bandits in support of the East Side

Katrina Washington Uber used to go to Tops Market on Jefferson Avenue from her job at Fillmore, a convenient dinner stop for her two kids on the way home from work. Washington lost no friends or family when a white supremacist entered that summit and killed 10 people last Saturday. But she felt like she … Read more

Candidates to be Flyers coach: John Tortorella

During May and possibly even June, we will be looking at potential candidates for the position of Head of Training at Flyers. “We’re going to sit down and try to build that perfect candidate profile and really keep all the options open, and maybe look at it from a slightly broader perspective,” Publications’ general manager, … Read more

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Foreign Trade Objectives for the 2022 Boston Bruins: Anaheim Ducks

The Boston Bruins and the Anaheim Ducks are no strangers to making deals with each other. This is a trend that we could see continue this summer. Bruins have holes They need to tackle this off-season if they’re hoping to go on a long final playoff with this core. The ducks, on the other hand, … Read more

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