How to turn on your iPhone’s hotspot

You’re in the midst of an important online business, and suddenly your internet connection goes down. Almost all of us have experienced such a situation in our life and the frustration that comes with it. It’s not unusual for even the most reliable Wi-Fi connections in homes and offices to fail. Technology is not 100 … Read more

Delaying eligibility for Medicaid upon death for people who only suffer from a mental illness is proposed by the Ministers of Justice and Health

Ottawa, ONAnd February 2, 2023 /CNW/ – Medicaid dying (MAID) is a complex and highly personal issue. Government Canada We are committed to ensuring that our laws reflect the needs of Canadians, protect those who may be at risk, and support autonomy and freedom of choice. Under Canada Under current MAID law, only persons with … Read more

How clean rooms can help keep the internet open

Are clean data rooms the answer to what David Cohen, CEO of IAB, has called “Slow moving train wreckAddressing? The voices at IAB will tell you they have a huge role to play. “The problem with addressability is that once cookies are gone and identifiers are gone, about 80% of the addressable market will become … Read more

The study shows that students felt more engaged with augmented reality but learned less than those watching the video

Credit: Center of Excellence in Health Communication for Underserved Populations As virtual and augmented reality move into more prominent roles in everyday life, scientists hope to determine how effective work is in the classroom. A new study from the University of Kansas found that an augmented reality lesson scored highly among users, who reported feeling … Read more

The new role of artificial intelligence in medicine, finance and other industries

GT main sockets With the power of artificial intelligence, computers can perform tasks that once required a human being Medicine, finance and customer service are now using AI-based tools to improve operations Recently, AI has begun to affect other industries, such as research and education, as professionals try to figure out the best way forward … Read more

You cannot play one of the best dead space games in 2023

dead space Mobile (2011) screenshot: EA/Kotaku It was released recently dead space remake is a triumph among video game remakes, many of which have not been well received by fans over the past few years. And as huge dead space Fan, I’m very happy to see EA spending money on the franchise again – with … Read more

New prototype device that generates hydrogen from untreated seawater: ScienceAlert

Scientists have found a clever way to generate hydrogen directly from salty seawater. This could be another step towards a clean energy future, if renewables power the process. The new device makes some chemical tweaks to existing technologies, making it possible to extract hydrogen from untreated and impure seawater — potentially alleviating concerns about using … Read more

OPPO unveils line of “productivity” IoT products

Oppo’s three Internet of Things (IoT) products aim to help users be productive and stick to their New Year’s resolutions. Oppo Band 2: A smart assistant for life using the Internet of Things The first of Oppo’s three new IoT products is the Oppo Band 2, a smart watch It features an “ultra clear” screen, … Read more

Unilumin, Megapixel VR, Userful Certify Advanced AV and LED Solutions for Enterprise

San Ramon, California – (working wire) –Useful companythe leading platform-as-a-service (PaaS) provider in the Enterprise AV-over-IP market, and Unilumin A world-class LED solutions provider of high quality LED displays and side-by-side lighting products megapixel VR has certified the integration of its advanced AV technologies. This verification enables enterprise customers to modernize AV and LED deployments … Read more