Exton skimmer found: Police say suspects using toddler to hide skimmer at 7-Eleven

Exton, Pennsylvania (WPVI) – Police are looking for three suspects who allegedly placed a scraping device on a credit card reader inside a 7-Eleven store in Exton, Pennsylvania. West Whitland Police say officers responded to a 7-Eleven store on the 100th block on N. Pottstown Pike on Tuesday after finding the device at the main … Read more

Lawmakers and county leaders react to Shentel’s termination of Internet service

Harrisonburg, Virginia (WHSV) – Shentel has announced that Beam Internet service will expire on November 30 and will leave many rural areas in Augusta and Rockingham counties with limited options for high-speed Internet access. More than 1,100 homes in Augusta, Rockingham and Shenandoah counties are using the Beam network and will lose their coverage. On … Read more

Solidus Ai Tech announces new partnership with Metaverse Giants Galaxy Arena – Sponsored by Bitcoin News

sponsored by Solidus Ai Tech recently announced a new strategic partnership with Galaxy Arena, which is currently the only VR Earn metaverse game collection center. The Galaxy Arena is really making some noise in Play2Earn and the Meta space by bridging the gap between virtual and reality by “bringing events, landmarks, and businesses into the … Read more

How to overcome high digital transformation failure rates

Digital transformation is just a never-ending lesson about change. Those who adapt to it are more successful than those who don’t. However, it is an enterprise level activity where people have to come first. When discussing a company’s digital transformation journey, the focus is usually on technology. After all, it is technologies like artificial intelligence … Read more

The Central Bank of Oman expects a price tag of $90 billion for private financial assistance from PBGC

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) It expects the PBGC’s Special Financial Assistance (SFA) program to cost $90 billion in the next decade. This omission was included in a report the CBO sent to Rep. Virginia Fox (R-NC), a member of the House Education and Labor Committee, and Rep. Jason Smith (R-Missouri), managing director of the … Read more

VPN Troubleshooting Guide: Fix All Your VPN Problems

The best VPN services run smoothly in the background while browsing or streaming, with very little work required. However, unfortunately, sometimes the best VPNs will run into problems. Use this practical VPN troubleshooting guide as a one-stop shop to fix all your VPN problems. Common VPN Connection Problems VPN server not responding Your ISP (Internet … Read more

WSU vet brings virtual reality to laparoscopic surgery – WSU Insider

Veterinary surgeons trained in laparoscopic surgeries may soon be able to improve their VR simulation skills before performing procedures on live patients. Washington State University veterinarian and Professor Boyle Franson are working with a supplier of virtual reality human medical training simulators to develop the first virtual laparoscopic training program for veterinary surgeons. Franson plans … Read more