Intel takes the lead in artificial intelligence from Nvidia

RobsonPL / iStock Editorial via Getty Images investment thesis Anyone somewhat familiar with Nvidia (NVDA) The strategy teaches that the company is integrated in the field of artificial intelligence, both in terms of software and hardware. Artificial intelligence has been the central technology claimed by Nvidia A $1 trillion market opportunity was based on the … Read more

AI Weekly: Is an AI alien invasion imminent?

We’re excited to bring Transform 2022 back in person on July 19 and around July 20-28. Join AI and data leaders for insightful conversations and exciting networking opportunities. Register today! I wantme Weekly for free every Thursday in your inbox? Register here. Is an AI alien invasion headed for Earth? The editorial team at VentureBeat … Read more

An AI cure for crazy traffic this summer

Skift Take Travel reports reveal that people will be spending more time on the road this year than in any other pandemic year. One company is introducing new technology to make sure people actually spend that time in transit, not at a traffic light. Mary Ann Ha With road trips and domestic travel booming this … Read more

When big AI labs refuse to source their models, the community steps in – TechCrunch

Benchmarks are as important a measure of progress in AI as they are for the rest of the software industry. But when normative results come from companies, secrecy often prevents the community from verifying them. For example, OpenAI has given Microsoft, with which it has a business relationship, exclusive licensing rights to the powerful GPT-3 … Read more

Everstream Analytics secures new cash for forecasting supply chain disruptions – TechCrunch

Everstream AnalyticsToday, the supply chain insights and risk analytics startup announced that it has raised $24 million in a first round led by Morgan Stanley Investment Management with participation from Columbia Capital, StepStone Group and DHL. CEO Julie Gerdemann said the new money would be used to “drive technological innovation” and “further global expansion”. Everstream, … Read more

Kibbutz uses new smart bee technology to keep bees buzzing

AFP – These cells function like normal cells, but the apiaries built on a kibbutz in the Galilee are adorned with high-tech artificial intelligence systems set up to ensure the longevity of these vital pollinators. “There are two million bees here,” Shlomki Franken said, as he walked through a 12-square-meter container on kibbutz Beit Haemek, … Read more

Liverpool: The artificial intelligence tool that helps Jurgen Klopp’s four-way show

Liverpool have been advancing brilliantly in the match in injury prevention this season, using the latest technology to help Jurgen Klopp and his staff in their comfort and rotation of players. The Reds – still battling an unprecedented quadruple – were riddled with injuries that disrupted their 2020-2021 campaign, but are now leveraging computer algorithms … Read more

AI can predict people’s sweat through X-ray images, and scientists are worried

Deep learning models based on Artificial intelligence A person’s ethnicity can only be identified through X-rays, a new study has revealed – something that would be impossible for a human doctor looking at the same images. The findings raise some troubling questions about the role of AI in medical diagnosis, assessment, and treatment: Can racial … Read more

Women who hugged their partner later had a lower response to cortisol from stress

summary: Women who hug their partners before a stressful event have a lower response to biological stress and lower levels of cortisol compared to women who don’t hug their partners. source: Plus Women who were instructed to cuddle with their romantic partner before undergoing a stressful experience had a lower biological stress response — as … Read more