Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering with Dr. Cisentini – Auckland Post

Dr. Marouane Ksentini is pProfessor and interim chair of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, part of the Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (OUAI) at the University of Auckland. In addition to artificial intelligence, his research interests and classes revolve around software engineering. Kessentini is set to receive the OU’s Researcher of the Year … Read more

Sanofi exec jumps to Owkin to ramp up biotech AI drug partnership plans

As CEO of Sanofi’s Commercial Partnership, Alban de La Sablière has led the drug giant’s collaboration talks with several companies, including $30 billion in acquisitions in the past six years. Now he moves to the other end of the table. He took De La Sablière a new center at Owkin AI, one of the partners … Read more

Google will allow healthcare organizations to use their AI to analyze and store X-rays

New tools from Google’s cloud module will help healthcare organizations analyze and store medical images. AFP via Getty Images Google on Tuesday announced a new set of artificial intelligence tools aimed at allowing healthcare organizations to use the search giant’s software and servers to read, store and classify X-rays, MRIs and other medical imaging images. … Read more

Responsibility for AI applications under scrutiny in the UK and Canada

Artificial intelligence (AI) applications, especially those focused on collecting vital data, have recently come under another round of scrutiny in both Europe and Canada. The European Commission last week proposed the AI ​​Liability Directive, a set of rules designed to help do justice to people whose privacy has been harmed by AI-powered devices and digital … Read more

Low code software development: from crisis technology to core technology

MendexCommercial company Siemens, a global leader in modern enterprise application development, has announced the results of its “2022 State of Low Code in Key Segments” survey, which shows that most organizations expect to use more low code than traditional coding by 2024. In line with this, Gartner Estimates that by 2025, 70% of enterprise-developed applications … Read more

Digital Domains A Quantum Leap Artificial Intelligence – fxguide

Nearly 30 years after leaving the air, the classic series Quantum Leap returns. The original show aired between 1989-1993, starring Scott Bakula as Dr. Sam Beckett, a physicist who involuntarily jumps through space-time during experiments in time travel. By temporarily taking the place of others to correct what he discovers are historical errors. The new … Read more