How to overcome high digital transformation failure rates

Digital transformation is just a never-ending lesson about change. Those who adapt to it are more successful than those who don’t. However, it is an enterprise level activity where people have to come first. When discussing a company’s digital transformation journey, the focus is usually on technology. After all, it is technologies like artificial intelligence … Read more

Caltech’s new nanophoton chip offers more ‘squeezing’ away from light

The California Institute of Technology has developed a new optical chip that can generate and measure quantum states of light in ways that were previously only possible with bulky and expensive laboratory equipment. Credit: Natasha Match and Nicole R. Fuller, Studio Sayo Computing and electronic communications have developed significantly since the days of radiotelegraphy and … Read more

China’s Lenovo: We will be No. 1 in data center infrastructure

Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group (ISG), the Chinese group’s unit of servers, storage, racks and computing equipment, is increasing its investments in Latin America amid plans to become a leader in key markets in the region. “Chinese [investors] Think long term. [They] Joao Burtoni (pictured), Lenovo ISG President for Latin America, told BNamericas. “At Lenovo we … Read more

Vulnerability deceives researchers by simulating ancient threats

Cybersecurity researchers have discovered a new vulnerability that has appeared in Microsoft Exchange email servers and has already been exploited by malicious actors. The yet-to-be-named vulnerability is detailed by GTSC Cyber ​​Security Vendor, although information about the exploitation continues to be collected. The vulnerability is considered a “zero day” due to the fact that public … Read more

How to use edge computing to combat cyberattacks

Organizations can reduce the risk of malicious cyber attacks by deploying advanced computing systems. The rapid spread of the Internet of Things (IOT) across the healthcare industry has brought with it unprecedented advantages of data access and analysis, as well as new classes of operational risks. On the other hand, healthcare professionals can benefit from … Read more

The Vice President of South Africa talks about the next step

We live in a world characterized by inequalityAnd the povertyEconomic fluctuations and globalization Climate change and mystery. In my country, South Africa, the population has to navigate social, economic and political instabilityAnd the Energy water outage, homelessnessUnethical governance and poor or no service provision. It is a far cry from what the country could be … Read more

Tesla AI Day 2022: Optimus, FSD, and Everything Else

Tesla AI Day of 2022 was a follow-up to Elon Musk’s promises last year to produce a robot called Optimus that can handle dangerous and repetitive tasks. There is a lot of synergy between the self-driving technology powered by Tesla’s electric car arm and the challenges facing the Optimus robot. Let’s take a closer look … Read more

Amazon, Meta and Snap smart glasses are just the beginning

The blurry outline of the next stage of mobile computing is finally transformed into a clear image of an inhabited landscape smart glasses. naturally, Not everyone can see it yet. The fact that smart glasses come in so many different types – sometimes they are even confused Virtual Reality Headsets (VR) – It only added … Read more