Exton skimmer found: Police say suspects using toddler to hide skimmer at 7-Eleven

Exton, Pennsylvania (WPVI) – Police are looking for three suspects who allegedly placed a scraping device on a credit card reader inside a 7-Eleven store in Exton, Pennsylvania. West Whitland Police say officers responded to a 7-Eleven store on the 100th block on N. Pottstown Pike on Tuesday after finding the device at the main … Read more

The Central Bank of Oman expects a price tag of $90 billion for private financial assistance from PBGC

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) It expects the PBGC’s Special Financial Assistance (SFA) program to cost $90 billion in the next decade. This omission was included in a report the CBO sent to Rep. Virginia Fox (R-NC), a member of the House Education and Labor Committee, and Rep. Jason Smith (R-Missouri), managing director of the … Read more

Eclypsium gets $25 million to secure device supply chain • TechCrunch

With the enterprise hardware supply chain becoming increasingly global and fragmented, it is becoming more and more challenging for organizations to secure their hardware and software from suppliers. according to To the European Union Agency for Cyber ​​Security, the European Union agency that contributes to the bloc’s cyber policy, 66% of cyber attacks have focused … Read more

The Ohio State Technology Loan Program replaces the Universal Hardware Program, and grants access to more than half of eligible students

Instead of distributing iPads to all first-year students in Ohio, the university created a single iPad program for the 2022-23 school year. Credit: Jake Rahe | lantern file pictureDespite student and faculty concerns about stopping iPad distribution, Ohio State is introducing tablets in a new way. Despite student and faculty concerns about stopping global iPad … Read more

Pakistani hospital sinks as water-borne diseases spread

The hospital in Sehwan, southern Pakistan, is overcrowded Patients flock from flood-affected areas Thousands suffer from water-borne diseases WHO warns of ‘second disaster’ after catastrophic floods SAHWAN, Pakistan (October 3) (Reuters) – The emergency room of the main government hospital in the small town of Sehwan in southern Pakistan is overcrowded. On a recent visit, … Read more

Ron DeSantis and the Rise of the Conservative Free Lunch

As a member of Congress, Ron DeSantis voted against providing federal financial assistance to New York and New Jersey after Superstorm Sandy. Now, as governor of Florida, he’s delivering federal money to his state. A small dose of hypocrisy is nothing new in politics. But DeSantis’ rise to political stardom since becoming governor has been … Read more

Israel-based ‘Olive Diagnostics’ has launched an AI-powered urinalysis device that protects patients from having to pee into a cup.

chemical sticks Used for urinalysis (sort of like pregnancy test sticks, but they detect particles in urine). People don’t want to collect, dip a stick in a glass, and then take a picture of the stick because using sticks requires a lot of human work. So sticks are rarely used (think of the last time … Read more