Solidus Ai Tech announces new partnership with Metaverse Giants Galaxy Arena – Sponsored by Bitcoin News

sponsored by Solidus Ai Tech recently announced a new strategic partnership with Galaxy Arena, which is currently the only VR Earn metaverse game collection center. The Galaxy Arena is really making some noise in Play2Earn and the Meta space by bridging the gap between virtual and reality by “bringing events, landmarks, and businesses into the … Read more

WSU vet brings virtual reality to laparoscopic surgery – WSU Insider

Veterinary surgeons trained in laparoscopic surgeries may soon be able to improve their VR simulation skills before performing procedures on live patients. Washington State University veterinarian and Professor Boyle Franson are working with a supplier of virtual reality human medical training simulators to develop the first virtual laparoscopic training program for veterinary surgeons. Franson plans … Read more

The importance of digital twins for building the cities of the future

© Challenge Consultation The introduction of dual digital technology has been by far the most groundbreaking innovation of the 21st century. The technology has found instant application in every sector of the economy, particularly in manufacturing, healthcare and distribution. at recent days , AEC industry He also showed a penchant for creating digital twins to … Read more

Better customer experience across VR and Metaverse

How will the customer experience be improved as more people explore the brave new metaverse using virtual reality devices? Without virtual reality (VR), the metaverse is simply another website, however, with new VR hardware being launched daily, brands are optimistic that the often discussed metaverse will begin widespread adoption. If and when it does, will … Read more

1Block is teaming up with anime character ‘Baki Hanma’ who is desperate to sell virtual sneakers

Technology-focused organization 1SEC is pleased to announce that its web3 creative studio 1BLOCK has finally secured a once-in-a-lifetime partnership with action anime “Baki Hanma” to start selling virtual sneakers. The collaborating virtual sneakers show the main characters of the anime, their combat scenes, as well as their popular scenes. All sneakers will also be minted … Read more

PM Modi launches 5G in India, 8 cities get it today: 10 points

The center set a goal of 80 percent coverage of the country’s 5G network in a short time frame. New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched 5G services in India today at a telecom event in Delhi. The service is expected to gradually cover the entire country over the next two years, potentially transforming India’s … Read more

Deep Dive: How Synthetic Data Can Enhance AR/VR and the Metaverse

Were you unable to attend Transform 2022? Check out all the Summit sessions in our on-demand library now! Watch here. The metaverses have captured our collective imagination. The exponential development of internet-connected devices and virtual content is preparing the metaverse for public acceptance, requiring companies to go beyond traditional methods of metaverse content creation. However, … Read more