Challenge contestant seriously injured in freak accident

Olivia Kaiser on The Challenge: Ride or Die

Olivia Kaiser on The Challenge: Ride or Die
screenshot: MTV

After thirty-eight seasons, MTV’s competition reality show the challenge He went through a whole series of intense challenges that generate bumps and bruises. But during the first part of the two-part finale on Wednesday, contestant Olivia Kaiser pushed the show’s material toll to a new extreme, as she suffered a serious injury that left her in the hospital.

Hach season of the challengee takes structural cues from its subtitle, and this season, ride or die, Puts former contestants from other reality series into duos or teams. Kaiser (which reality TV purists might remember Love Island, USA) Her partner was Horacio Gutierrez Jr The only bullish pair that survived all the way the challengeFinal 100 hours in Argentina this season.

However, getting to the finish didn’t exactly mean a break for the duo – and Kaiser in particular wasn’t in for an easy ride. First, she cut her finger when it was caught on a karabiner during a bula-throwing competition. “My finger slipped under the clasp and when I threw it, it digged into my finger and tore off the top of my finger. The nerve was sticking out and hanging out — a little white nerve. I thought I broke it because it hit my bone,” tells the tsar variety. Paramedics brought Kaiser despite the injury to pause when a ball hit her in the face during a slingshot challenge.

“I was screaming,” she added. From a bite, take care of her wound with an antiseptic. “I’ve never felt pain like that. It hurt worse than my face. So, we’d rush because of me sitting and cleaning my finger.”

Per Kaiser, her current injury and impulse to keep moving led to the slingshot accident, which she said whipped her and shook her up to her stomach. av club Arrived to the challenge to comment.

“I thought my teeth were knocked out because the impact was so hard. It felt like my nose was literally off my face, crooked. I remember popping my nose back a bit into place because it felt it off so I kind of crunched it back,” Kaiser recalls. “I licked my teeth to make sure they were all there and had an instant migraine.”

After spending two nights in the hospital, Kaiser returned home with enough strength to complete a confessional (with two black eyes and a broken nose). Kaiser says that despite recovering well, the entire experience put some life stuff in perspective for her.

“I was contemplating my entire life. I was like, ‘Did I just get permanently damaged for the rest of my life because of a TV show?’” she recalls. “I was so mortified.”

Kaiser isn’t the first contestant to feel unduly pushed by The Challenge. A previous iteration of the series, The Challenge: USA, came under scrutiny in September 2022 after more than half its competitors finish during epilogue protesting the inconsistencies of the rules, Such as unfairly offered timeouts and the ability of some contestants to ‘drop out strategically’of some challenges. Contestant Tyson Apostol also alleged that contestants were misled about the actual amount of prize money they were seeking—He understood that the grand prize would be $500,000 for each winner, not $500,000 to split.

These days, the challenge The contestants take home a much bigger bet: $1 million. Kaiser says her accident scared her because it “shows that as much as they took safety precautions, you never know. Horrible accidents happen.” But she also said that fear “never held her back,” and that she would go back to the challenge Given the opportunity.

If I get the chance, I will definitely come back. I want to go back to redeem myself and everyone who supported me.”

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