Chiefs Injuries: Predict the return times of Harrison Potker and Trent McDuffy

The 2011 collective bargaining agreement (CBA) between the NFL and its players’ union dramatically changed how teams could manage their practices. Rule changes included limiting the number of casual practices, eliminating two-a-day practices during bootcamp and ending full contact practices during the season.

While these changes have been made in an effort to improve player health and safety, they may have the opposite effect.

A large number of infections occurred in the first weeks of recent seasons. Some of it can be attributed to poor preparation or unwillingness to withstand the forces required for professional football. Many of them are soft tissue injuries.

Soft tissue is more adaptable to change and stress under conditions of low force and long duration – both of which are normal conditions during professional football matches. Once the rigors of the regular season begin, soft tissues that are not properly adapted to the high forces that will be placed upon them may be damaged.

These types of injuries had an effect on Kansas City Chiefs At the start of the 2022 campaign. Let’s take a closer look at the ones that two rectangular players bear.

Cornerback Trent McDuffie

Entering the second week, it was the novice corner Put on the reserve list / wounded (wounded reserve) After suffering a hamstring strain during the team 44-21 win Over the Arizona Cardinals. He will be eligible to return after the team has played four matches.

Breeds are usually rated on a scale from I to III (Nice to me severe with complete tear). It is important to remember that All Strains involve the rupture of the soft tissues in some way. Given that McDuffie was already put on IR, we can guess the pressure was more important – either second or third degree.

The hamstring muscle group consists of three muscles. The biggest is biceps femorisfollowed by semi-stringed And the semimembranous muscles.

The biceps femoris It is the most tense muscle. Injuries typically occur during the eccentric phase of muscle contraction (when the tendon lengthens), which typically occurs when players slow down after a sprint.

Since we’re now in the first two weeks after an injury, McDuffie and his athletic trainers will likely be working on range of motion, inflammation control, and pain management through the use of an underwater treadmill and/or stationary bike. Depending on the severity of the injury, stretching and strengthening can also be performed in the early stage.

Over the coming weeks, an eccentric strengthening advance will likely be made to prepare McDuffie for his comeback. Without getting close to the situation, it’s hard to know his expectations for his return to the squad for the Week 6 match against the team. buffalo bills, which is the earliest date that can be returned from IR. Depending on rehab progress, McDuffie likely won’t be back in the field until late October or early November.

Placekicker Harrison Potker

Also against the Cardinals, Poetker suffered what appeared to be a classic lateral sprain of the ankle.

The most common type of ankle sprain, occurs with a forceful eversion of the ankle, causing damage to the structures on the outside of the ankle. With his ankle strapped to improve stability, Poetker was able to get back into the match and (amazingly) Kick a one-step field goal 54 yards – Despite following the kick, his gait was noticeably painful. The fact that he was able to get back into the field to kick – when the chiefs were driving – indicates a mild twist.

The complicated recovery, however, is that the ankle in question is Boettker’s leg. More stability is needed, because the forces applied through this ankle location have increased stress on the already injured ligaments. Barring setbacks in his rehab, Butker will likely be back on the field in the next week or two – especially considering the next ten days. Thursday night football. But if Matt Amendola continues to rely on his relief role, the Chiefs may choose to allow Potker to recover for a longer period.

bumped and bruised from Los Angeles Chargers Game

The chiefs seemed to escape the short week relatively unscathed. In his post-match press conference, coach Andy Reed admitted injury to defensive limb Mike Dana (calf strain) and wide receivers Mikol Hardman (ankle), Marques Valdes-Scantling (backside), and Justin Watson (shoulder). He described them all as minors.

From watching the match, it looked like Hardman’s injury could have been more significant, based on his elevated ankle mechanism on touchdown – but he also managed to get back into the match. Like Butker, all of these players will have more time to recover in the longer week leading up to the third week Indianapolis Colts Game; There shouldn’t be much concern for them to miss out on playtime.

These injuries suffered by the 2022 team presented a challenge to overcome – but so far, the team has succeeded. Other players showed the depth of the team. Justin Reed (and Amendola) succeeded in taking over the safety of Justin Reed, while Jalen Watson played his part in his junior career with McDuffie.

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