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MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. Quick-impact thoughts and notes about the New England Patriots and the NFL:

1. Belichick advantage: In the week leading up to Sunday’s season-opening game between the Patriots and the Miami Dolphins (1 p.m. ET, CBS), first-year Miami coach Mike McDaniel was asked about matching intelligence with Bill Belichick and said in self-wasting fashion, “There could be a greater disparity in Total career wins and losses?”

It highlights one area in which the Patriots have a decisive statistical advantage: Sunday marks Belichick’s 434th game of the regular season as head coach, while it’s McDaniel’s first.

According to ESPN Stats & Information, the 433-game difference in a head-training experience is the largest ever in a game featuring a head coach in his prime in the NFL.

The previous biggest gap was 399 games, between George Halas of the Chicago Bears and rookie Vikings coach from Minnesota Norm Van Brooklyn – in 1961.

The next biggest gap was the 394 game between Don Shula of Miami and New England rookie coach Rod Rust in 1990.

Excellence in training experience does not guarantee success on the ground, but rather guarantees success in the middle Mac Jones When 70-year-old Belichick referred to his past, it often resonated with him.

“It happens all the time,” said Jones this week of Palm Beach Atlantic University, where the Patriots practice Wednesday through Friday. “I mean, he will show him on the team [meetings] And be like, “This play has been around forever.” It is always good to learn from the experience and see it in the movie. That’s one of the things I love.”

The 433-game difference between Belichick and 39-year-old McDaniel is the biggest in any game since Shula (Match 490) faced the St.

The way Belichick shares lessons from his extensive experience with Jones, in his second season as the Patriots quarterback, is an evolving partnership. The Patriots are in a major offensive transition without coordinator Josh McDaniels (now the head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders), with Belichick, Blaise Caller Matt Patricia and quarterback coach Joe Judge working more closely with Jones.

Of Belichick, Jones said: “He’s watched a lot of football, whether it’s in a particular road, defending or running. He’s very good at understanding how to see him through my eyes, but also how I see him. We both can meet and come to the conclusion that This is why we want to [run] This play. So I was really comfortable with that.”

2. Mac Edge: Jones’ promotion to captain was a natural progression into his second season, as he joined the center David Andrewsback Ja’Whun Bentleysafety Devin McCurtydefensive end Dietrich Weisz Jr.. , and your Teamer Matthew Slater in this role. As for the next step, here’s a question some of those close to Jones have asked: How comfortable will he be with his teammates when necessary? This isn’t always easy for a sophomore, especially a player like Jones who seems to be trying his best to be respectful to everyone.

3- Bourne mode: Patriots receiver Kendrick Burne He hasn’t interviewed reporters since mid-August when he didn’t play in the team’s second preliminary game after a rocky week in which he was kicked out of training for fighting and removed from a training exercise by the referee for something related. For his equipment/pads that are not being worn properly. Receiver coach Troy Brown fired the ball straight last week when he said: “Obviously Kendrick hasn’t had the kind of sabbatical he had last year.” But I don’t feel the team has given up hope that Bourne could be a major contributor and a much-needed emotional spark; It’s just a matter of arranging a few small details.

4. Sailfish habitat: Did Belichick make the right decision to have the Patriots travel to Florida five days ago to practice Division II at Palm Beach Atlantic University? Sailfish don’t have their own football program, which means the Patriots had to bring in their goal flyers in a throwback-type setup that some players say reminds them of Pee Wee football. Ultimately, the way the Patriots play in Sunday’s opener will provide a more definitive answer, but by the end of the week, Devin McCourty was one of the players to mention how useful the trip was for players to cope with the often overwhelming weather. Shock him in the warm-up before the game. she was hot.

5. Lightning delay: The Patriots moved their practice Thursday for an hour to avoid expected thunderstorms and lightning, then raced off the field Friday shortly before practice ended due to more storms. This was more than just a passing note. Before training on Friday, the end of the court Hunter Henry He told me he thinks the Patriots are a mentally strong team that has handled such changes at a fast pace. It’s also something players have been told they might be ready for Sunday when considering recent history. On September 20, 2020, the Bills visited the Dolphins and had about 30 minutes of delay in lightning in the second half. On September 9, 2018, the Titans visited the dolphins and endured nearly four hours of delay.

6. The Bowden Scout Look: One thing that might have been overlooked when the Patriots signed a Dolphins receiver/returner previously Lynn Bowden Jr.. To their coaching team last week was how he could help New Englanders as part of the scouting team. Bowden may not be able to replicate the speed Trek Hill And the Jaylene WaddellBut he knows them well after spending every off-season camp and training with them. “He’s been in the room with them. He kind of has an insight into how they run, what they like to do, what they don’t like,” Buck Corner said. Jonathan Joneswho was mentioned by McCurty as an unknown contributor to the plans for the previous game against Hill.

7. Sage gets up early: Wise Jr. is a first-time captain and full-back Matthew Goodon He said one of the reasons he moves himself “off the field and into the boardroom”. Part of that, Godon said, is that the sage is often the first player to arrive at the facility each day. Wise said the arrival time is usually between 5:30 and 6.

8. Bounce Games: The Patriots made it official last week, confirming that they would wear their red jerseys for their October 9 home game against the Detroit Lions and their December 1 home game Thursday night against the Buffalo Bills. Defensive return for the second year Miles Bryant He said he had fond memories of watching Tom Brady Putting on the old T-shirts, he added, “I think it’s going to be a great experience.”

9- Bradley visit: PGA golfer Keegan Bradley, who was born in Woodstock, Vermont and then attended Hopkinton High School (Mass.), visited the Patriots training last week at Palm Beach Atlantic University. Bradley is a big fan of the Patriots and the team’s decision to spend the week in Florida, not far from his Jupiter residence, made him come visit him.

10 Did you know: In all, Belichick has achieved 8-0 in games where he has at least a 400-game advantage in a head-training experience over his opponent, according to ESPN stats and info.

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