Cody Wasn’t Attracted To Kristen On Their Wedding Day

  • Cody told Kristen that he was “not attracted” to her on their wedding day.
  • At the Sunday season premiere of “Sister Wives,” they decided their marriage was over.
  • “I can probably count on my hands how many times he’s told me I’m actually pretty,” Kristen said.

Cody Brown confessed to him Then his wife, Kristen Brown That he was “not attracted” to her when they married on the 17th season of TLC’s “Sister Wives” premiere, which premiered on Sunday.

The episode – aptly called “It’s Over” – happened the first time Cody saw Kristen after she had moved his belongings to the garage, which we saw Cody discover while Season 16 finale. The couple have been shown rehashing the tough times in their marriage and eventually agreed that they were going to part.

“Okay, so we can get this out more because it’s true that I wasn’t attracted to you when we got married,” Cody said midway through the conversation. Kristen looked shocked as Cody continued. “I felt pressure to get married. I didn’t know the best time,” he said.

The former couple had a “spiritual” wedding on March 25, 1994. They both practice Mormon fundamentalism and Believes in the plural in time. Cody was legally married to his first wife, Mary, and spiritually married to his second wife, Janelle.

Kristen and Cody Brown sitting at a table.

“Sister Wives” season seventeen.


They’ve talked about feeling exhausted from their wedding day in “Sister Wives” before, although neither of them have admitted they were unsure of what step to take.

On Sunday’s episode, Cody described the circumstances under which they got married as “not romantic” although he said “I felt like we were following our fate.” Kristen said their relationship felt romantic to her.

They agreed that they built a good marriage for many years after that. However, most of the conversation revolved around the fact that Cody said his attraction to Kristen began waning when he realized she was abusing some of her sister’s wives.

“I had all these criteria that I had to meet in order for him to be attracted to me,” Kristen said in an interview. “Can we just say then that it’s over? If I have to meet all these criteria for him to be attracted to me, I can’t be myself.”

She said she knew she wasn’t the best friend of some of her sister’s wives because she is “jealous” of women who have better marriages with Cody than her.

From Kristen’s perspective, the underlying problem with their relationship has nothing to do with how she treats her sister’s wives. “Maybe I can count on my hands how many times He told me that I was really beautiful,Kristen said in an interview.

Mary Brown, Janelle Brown, Cody Brown, Kristen Brown and Robin Brown

Mary Brown, Janelle Brown, Cody Brown, Kristen Brown and Robin Brown

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And she told Cody, “Marrying you has been a sadness. It has been a pain.” “Because I’ve tried for so long, it’s so hard to be what you need and do everything I can do to make it happen, so you want to be next to me.”

Cody responded in his one-on-one interview by saying that he had been heartbroken for “years” due to “Kristen’s complaints and hatred of polygamy”. He said the reason he didn’t feel “attracted” to her was because he felt “betrayed” by her.

Kristen said in an interview that Cody has a “favorite wife”, He is presumably referring to his fourth wife Robin, whom he married in 2014.

When Kristen clearly said she didn’t want to marry him anymore, Cody said he accepted because “nobody here is a prisoner.” that they Publicly announce their split In November.

New episodes of “Sister Wives” air on Sundays at 10 p.m. on TLC.

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