Colin Young Paul Sexton is ready to ride in Utah

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SALT LAKE CITY – Colin Sexton earned the nickname “Young Bowl” in his junior year of high school in Atlanta due to his strong brand of basketball.

Now with a new team, Sexton is looking to bring the same hard working attitude to a Utah Jazz team in dire need of new leadership.

Sexton is used to adapt to flaring tracks in unforeseen circumstances; He was famous for dropping 40 points in college when the Alabama team dropped to three players and almost managed to come back and win Ultimately losing 89-84 to Minnesota.

He was drafted eighth overall by the Cleveland Cavaliers’ four-game winning streak, only to have LeBron James exit his contract eight days later and join the Los Angeles Lakers, who left Sexton as one of the team’s captains at 19 mature years.

Young Bull is now coming to Utah after the team Recently traded Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell after six consecutive playoff matches. For a Utah team experiencing an overhaul, in a league full of constant action, Sexton’s standing with jazz seems as certain as you’ll find.

The Jazz signed Sexton on a four-year, $72 million deal after arriving as part of the Mitchell trade, making him and 2022 draft picks Walker Kessler and Ochai Agbaji the only players on the Jazz payroll during the 2025-26 season.

“Colin is a proven player,” said Justin Zanic, general manager of Jazz. “You will love him as a man and a hardworking worker. At his age and already current production, the chance of him being with us at this point is really good. And I hope, you know, many years to come.

“It wasn’t much of a question; he was someone we wanted. If we’re going to make a deal (with Cleveland), he has to be in that deal.”

Sexton met the media for the first time on Tuesday and said he was “really not sure” how the trade and signing would happen; But after becoming a leashed free agent with the Cavaliers, he knew he needed to “be patient and everything will work out.”

“That was pretty much my mentality all summer,” Sexton said. “I just wanted to keep working on the things I needed to improve, and I’ll let the rest take care of themselves. Let’s get back to 100%. Focus on that.”

Sexton said he is now 100 percent healthy, having ruptured his meniscus in November. Before his injury, Sexton showed the ceiling he could reach in the NBA with 42 points in the victory over the Brooklyn Nets led by Keri Irving and Kevin Durant in January 2021.

“At the end of the day, I just want to come every day and give it 110% and be the best Colin I can be,” Sexton said. “(I) went out to prove that I can play, but also to prove to my teammates that I work with her; no matter the ups and downs, we will get through it and finish a strong season.”

The 23-year-old appears to have taken a liking to life in Utah after just a week at the Wasatch Front, too. On Saturday, he attended the Utah-Southern Utah State football game and spent early mornings and late nights with his new teammates and coaches at the jazz practice facility. Sexton said he enjoys the outdoors and looks forward to the natural attractions that Utah has to offer.

“I will say that the mountains are something I have never really cared about, so it is great to see the good views and also to see the sunrise and sunset,” said Sexton. “Vibes for sure. Everyone in the establishment, everyone in the building has real good energy.

“Every day we’ve been here has been fun. It’s definitely fun, but we’re definitely working.”

Hard work seems to be the undercurrent of the entire jazz organization at the moment. Zanek told reporters Monday that rebuilding at Utah will take a lot of effort, and that new coach Will Hardy has a “culture” of hard work. Now they have Young Bull ready to pull the wagon into a new era.

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