College basketball rankings: Kansas State remains #1, but Tennessee, UConn, and Arizona fall

Chaos is glorious, right? Eleven teams ranked in the AP Top 25 lost Saturday. That’s the highest number of drops in a single day since January 2011, according to CBS research guru Andy Tollin. Two more top 25 teams, Kansas And Texas, won at home by two points. It’s not uncommon to see a lot of vertical flips this time of year, but things aren’t set even by the usual standards of the sport. This foreshadows the exhilaratingly messy March insanity (again), not to mention the joyful scrambling of your resident classifier to clean it up (again).

It is my honor and duty to once again present the correct ranking of the top 25 college basketball teams, as presented to the Associated Press Sunday night:

Seth Davis’ Top 25 Team for Monday, January 16th

drop out: Arkansas (14), San Diego State (21)

always famous: ArizonaAnd AuburnAnd ClemsonAnd IllinoisAnd Indianayeah

Notes on voting

• The biggest decisions I had to make was how much to give up on my top three squads out of the top 10 losing – TennesseeAnd Okun And Arizona. Loss of home volunteers to Kentucky It was surprising to say the least, but they were playing great up until that point, and they beat Kansas in the Bahamas over Thanksgiving. Tennessee plays Mississippi And LSU On the road this week, so if the Vols can win both games, they should hold on or maybe move up a spot or two next week.

The losses suffered by the other two were part of a larger pattern. UConn started the season 14-0 and rose from #2 to #2 in the AP Poll. a lot of Huskies Fans criticized me for not putting them on top. I’m sure those same fans will now file a tip for what’s wrong after the Huskies have lost four of their last five games. The first three losses were on the way to good teams (XavierAnd Providence And Marketwith a home win Creighton Bean), but Sunday’s 85-74 loss at home to St. John’s was a different story. the red storm Not as bad as their 3-5 Big East record would imply, but there is no doubt that the Huskies took them seriously, which is inexcusable considering the bracket they were in. UConn is still strong in metrics (No. 7 NET, No. 6 KenPom, No. 9 KPI), but this is clearly not a top 10 team. I just ripped it off with a feeling.

Arizona left one place ahead of UConn because its skid was only two losses in three games, neither of which were in quarter 3 (unlike UConn’s loss to St. John’s). It did this even though the Wildcats’ metrics are weaker than those of UConn (No. 11 KPI, No. 12 NET, No. 20 KenPom). Also, Arizona’s loss Oregon came on the road. Wildcats schedule couldn’t get any easier with USC And University of California Coming to Tucson this week. Then again, these are great opportunities for cats to take back a show off. There’s plenty of time, but this team hasn’t had a good couple of weeks.

• Kansas was yet another squeaker on Saturday at home against Iowa. I didn’t want to run into the Jayhawks because I tend to protect that top spot, as many of you know. But I saw fit to reward hurricanes. Their 4-0 start in the Big 12 included road wins at Oklahoma and TCU, and moved to 10th on the grid and 13th on Kinbaum. They have a big game coming up on Tuesday night at home against Texas.

However, I felt compelled to make some slight adjustments to my top five despite none of those teams losing. Alabama People are just destroying, and the Crimson Tide shows no signs of slowing down. They also won in Houston on December 10th, so I wanted to keep them on top cougars.

on the other side, Gonzaga Not nearly as dominant a team in the WCC as it was in the past. The Zags had to come from within 10 points with five minutes to play to win at BYU Thursday night. Their wins came before that, in San Francisco and Santa Clara, by a total of seven points. I know Gonzaga beat Alabama on Dec. 17 in Birmingham, but that was four weeks ago, and if they played tomorrow at a neutral venue, the Tide would be clear favorites.

• You can see in my second degree how much I value the home court advantage. It’s impossible to line everything up, but for one, Texas stays behind TCU because even though the Longhorns beat the Horned Frogs last week, it was a close game and was played in Austin. Kansas State I lost by a wide margin to TCU, but that game was in Fort Worth, so the Wildcats are staying in the same spot I did last week. Providence was not pressured by losing to Creighton, and Marquette was not pressured by losing to Xavier. Marquette is probably ahead of Providence because the Golden Eagles lost to the Friars in double overtime in Providence on December 20, which is as good as a win. Marquette will get a chance at revenge when the two teams play Wednesday night in Milwaukee.

• The hardest team for me to evaluate was Wisconsin. the badgers They’ve lost three in a row, but they’ve all been respectable losses (in Illinois, vs. Michigan Statein Indiana). The Badgers only dropped five points because they played all those games without their top scorer and best inside linebacker, Tyler Wahl. Besides, Wahl should be back soon. If he’s out for the long haul, the Badgers’ standings will reflect those without him. As I’ve often said, injuries are the most challenging and subjective factor when it comes to ranking teams. I tend to think of the expected time a player will be absent in my decision.

• Arkansas is in a nasty slump, having lost four of its last five, so it was an easy decision to drop the Hogs. San Diego State was the closest to call. Not only did the Aztecs lose at home to New Mexico on Saturday, but they also lost to St. Mary’s at a neutral stadium on December 10th. Some weeks I was looking for the teams to fill out on my ballot, but this week I had the hardest time whittling things down, so San Diego State got the axe. The Mountain West is a great league, so it shouldn’t be hard for SDSU to get back up again.

• As for LobosThey also had a road win over St. Mary’s, and they clearly looked like a top 25 team while getting that win at the Vegas Arena. Four of New Mexico’s next six games will be played at The Pit, so this team can stick around for a while. Richard Pitino is doing some great sophomore year in Albuquerque.

• The Big Ten is an amazing mess. Maybe I should have arranged Rutgers After winning in Purdue on January 2, but the Scarlet Knights lost at home to Iowa the following Sunday. They got a number next to their name courtesy of wins last week at Northwestern (which isn’t automatic these days) and Ohio State at home (the Buckeys have now lost four in a row). Plus, the metrics love Rutgers: No. 10 BartTorvik, No. 14 KenPom, No. 16 NET.

Michigan State left at #25 because even though Wisconsin played Spartans Without Wahl last Tuesday, it wouldn’t be easy to win at the Cole Center. Michigan State lost at Illinois on Friday, but then again — losing on the road to a good team isn’t a negative. Spartans Host Bordeaux on Monday and Rutgers on Thursday night and you may need to at least split those games to stay ranked next week.

Illinois’ victory over the Spartans was the third in a row after losing two out of three. The Illini metrics are pretty great, so I decided to wait another week or two to see if they could keep the momentum going.

Indiana dominated Wisconsin on Saturday, but the Hoosiers were nowhere near in the standings. The win came at home against a team that was missing its MVP, and earlier in the week the Hoosiers were down 19 per minute. Pennsylvania state To lose their third match in a row.

Finally, I hate to be the proverbial skunk again at the garden party, but there is simply no logical reason to arrange Charleston. The Cougars have their country’s longest winning streak at 17 games, so I would expect them to improve on their #22 ranking in the AP Poll. But this team has not won any quadruple 1, and is ranked 50th in NET and 80th in KenPom. (The KPI, which focuses more on results over efficiency, placed Charleston 24th.) Charleston hasn’t played a top-100 team since November 23, and lost by 16 points at North Carolina on November 11. In fact, the Cougars are ranked sixth in the top 10 in the mid-major in Hoop Ideas, just behind Florida Atlantic And Boise State. It’s a great story and I’m rooting for this team to keep winning, but my fellow AP voters are shooting volleys at this.

(Photo by KJ Adams in Kansas: Ed Zurg/Getty Images)

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