Colt and IBM launch Industry 4.0 joint laboratory in the UK

Colt Technology Services, a provider of digital infrastructure and high-bandwidth connectivity solutions, and IBM have launched a joint lab environment to deliver guaranteed edge cloud services powered by IBM Cloud Satellite to end customers.

The joint lab will also address challenges in adopting Industry 4.0 technologies in the manufacturing value chain, such as Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) systems integration.

IBM and Colt have a longstanding collaboration and shared vision aimed at bringing critical innovation to organizations across industries by strengthening their operations and better serving their customers.

Designed to provide proof of concept and enhanced solutions to support manufacturing companies in their transformation to Industry 4.0, the lab will provide hands-on experiences to organizations across industries.

The lab will help companies look for and monetize 5G capabilities and cutting-edge capabilities such as visual inspection, supply chain telemetry monitoring, IT security/operations, telemanagement, and threat monitoring.

To power these experimental use cases, Colt will leverage next-generation SD-WAN cloud services and Colt Edge – an intelligent and flexible virtualization computing platform. It offers a range of edge solutions that can be used for multiple services, from private 5G to industry specific solutions.

In collaboration with IBM Consulting, this approach includes seamless integration of IBM Cloud and AI technologies, including IBM Cloud Satellite and IBM Maximo Application Suite.

IBM and Colt technologies will create an environment for customers that improves the performance of their manufacturing operations while enabling seamless IT convergence and technology operation at the network edge.

As “computing + connected” redefines the era of hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence; This collaboration enables our clients to accelerate how they develop and deploy innovative new capabilities that will transform their organisation.

The lab has integrated and enabled three primary use cases for Industry 4.0.

This includes visual inspection-based heuristics in Edge, such as identifying defective parts or problems in the supply chain and automating intelligent workflows.

Another is supply chain telemetry in Edge, where Maximo identifies gaps in inventories and parts and automates the ordering and fulfillment process.

The third is security at the edge, threat monitoring and data protection across the entire IT/OT environment and the cloud environment.

Mirko Voltolini, Vice President of Innovation for Colt, says, “Colt and IBM have worked in collaboration for many years, and the launch of the joint lab was a showcase to customers of the strength of our work together. Together we bring the best in connectivity and cutting-edge, state-of-the-art manufacturing solutions, bolstered by the expertise of IBM and Colt, To demonstrate how we can support migration to IBM Maximo Application Suite and enhance our customers’ transformation journeys.”

“Industry 4.0 has huge potential for the manufacturing sector, and the lab is an exciting next step for Colt and IBM as we support companies to improve the visibility, analysis, performance, and maintenance of their industrial systems and processes.”

Jose Favela, Director and Global Leader for Industry 4.0 at IBM adds, “The partnership between Colt and IBM allows us to offer the best combination of connectivity, edge, security and asset performance management. This enables our manufacturing customers to capture the value of processed data at the edge.”

Colt’s cloud portfolio and SD-WAN services underpin the Colt IQ Network, which delivers enhanced performance, enhanced control, flexibility and scalability to customers, and combines industry-leading customer service with award-winning innovation.

Colt’s wholly owned and operated dense fiber network enables organizations to benefit from seamless, comprehensive connectivity to the cloud.

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