Connor Bedard’s NHL future: Where will he have the biggest impact?

Connor Bédard, aka the 2023 IIHF World Junior Championships, concluded Thursday night with Bédard and Team Canada winning the gold medal in a 3-2 overtime victory over the Czech Republic.

Bedard, the tournament’s youngest player, swept the rest of the field with 23 points in just seven games. The next player with the highest number of points gets 14 points. Some Bedard scouts call him the best since Connor McDavid in 2015, or so Sidney Crosby in 2005.

We may be less than halfway through the season, but some NHL It seems that perks really do to divert their attention to the stacked draft class of 2023. The ramifications for the organization fortunate enough to add Bedard could be massive. We’ve seen players from one generation to the next change the course of an entire series in the past, and Outlook has beddard potential at this level.

Of the places where he can land, which is better for sport? Obviously, the fan base of each team in the lottery will want Bédard to call their city, but from a neutral perspective, which landing sites would be most fun or beneficial to the NHL and hockey as a whole?

We will rank the best possible results for the Bédard Sweepstakes, based on the current ranking.

Bedard will be the generational franchise player the Blue Jackets have been looking for since their inception 23 years ago. Rick Nash was the only overall No. 1 pick in team history in 2002, and while opening by a wide margin — he won a share of the Rocket Richard Trophy with 41 goals as a 19-year-old in 2004 — he wasn’t the best. Many believe that the franchise’s change player could be Bédard.

Columbus has the sixth best probability pool right now, according to Scott Wheeler Athletetitled 20-year-old Kent Johnson and 19 years old Cole Selinger. Add Bedard to the mix and the Blue Jackets are set to be strong in the middle for quite some time. Columbus is expected to finish the season with 59 points, with the third highest chance of getting the first overall pick in the draft at 13 percent.

Eric Carlson He’d love another San Jose weapon, and Bedard might be good enough to make an impact while the veteran defense star has some good hockey on his tires.

The Sharks seem to be stuck in an odd place between a complete rebuild and trying to get back to winning games with Carlson’s essence, Timo MeyerAnd Thomas Hertel And Logan Couture. They don’t have nearly as many young players as the Blue Jackets, but William Eklund, 19, and Ryan Merkley, 22, have shown promise. If they choose to trade Timo Meier before the trade deadline, the Sharks can have the ammunition to add to their prospect locker quickly.

I can already hear the groans coming from some as I write this, but there is no doubt that Chicago would be an excellent stage for talent like Bedard. It’s the third largest market in the NHL, and Madhouse on Madison could use a shake-up after the past two years.

The Blackhawks do not have the strongest outlook, however Patrick Kane And Jonathan Toews Seemingly on its way out, one of the league titles might use a new star. Plus, imagine how many away games we’ll see Bédard play.

Could the Senators be about to become the NHL’s trendiest and most fun team? Give Ryan Reynolds part ownership and Bedard as the face of his franchise, and they just might.

Ottawa already has a strong and young core group with Brady Tkachuk23, Drake Patterson24, Tim Stozel21, Jake Sandersonand 20 y Alex DeBrinkat25. They haven’t quite mastered the winning part, but there’s plenty of skill involved, and adding Bedard will make the Senators watch TV.

Hockey is strong in every Canadian market, but buzz has been missing in Ottawa for a long time. This team is heading in the right direction, but they only have a 5% chance of making the playoffs right now. Lucky draw on draft lottery night, and suddenly the Senators will have one of the brightest views in the league.

The NHL is more fun when the Red Wings are relevant, and that comes from someone who grew up with it Avalanche fan in Colorado during the height of the rivalry. Steve Yzerman has been one of the best hockey executives for some time now, and he could build something special in Detroit.

The Red Wings have a strong core of the future, on which they rest Moritz Seider And Lucas Raymond, who have already proven themselves at the NHL level. They also have Seventh best probabilistic poolincluding 2021 first-round selection Simon Edvinson and 2022 first-round co-founder Marco Casper.

It looks like Detroit is about to switch from rebuilding to fighting for the playoffs. Some believe that turnaround may have occurred this year, but after a 16-13-7 start, there is currently a 94 percent chance that the Red Wings’ streak of failure will stretch out to seven years. If it means winning the lottery and adding Bedard, the city of Detroit will gladly wait another year for the next playoff series to start.

If Bedard was Trevor Zygrass Play on the same team, they’ll be in the featured reels at night, and it often becomes an ordinary venue with a strange name. (I’ll leave the label to Down goes Brown.) From a purely entertainment standpoint, there might not be a better player to pair Bedard with last year’s Calder Cup runner-up.

Ducks have it Fifth best probability poolby 2021 3rd place selection Mason McTavish – who is already showing his heavy game and scoring goals translate to the NHL and played incredibly well for Bedard in the 2022 World Series. Bedard Will be Give Anaheim three top spots, so it’s possible that one of them will need to move to the wing, but too many centers is an issue the Ducks are willing to contend with.

Anaheim currently has the third-worst record in the league ahead of only Chicago and Columbus, but advanced metrics suggest it could drop further. As it stands, the Ducks have the second-best odds of securing the top pick, at 14 percent.

Bedard was born and raised in Lynn Valley, just across the harbor from downtown Vancouver. Like his father, he grew up a die-hard Canucks fan, playing pickup hockey in his house while watching Canucks games on TV. At age 10, he led the Vancouver Junior Canucks with eight goals in the 2015 Brick Invitational Tournament.

There is no more emotional story in Bedard’s sweepstakes than his return to his boyhood team and helping them rise to prominence.

The downside is that the Canucks haven’t had many draft picks lately, resulting in one of the least productive potential combinations in the league. they already have Elias Peterson, who is still only 24 years old, so the addition of Bédard would give them elite potential a one-two punch at center. If there is a player who can turn Vancouver’s misfortune around, is anyone willing to say it’s not Bedard?

Pittsburgh It ranked last in the NHL in attendance in 2003-04, drawing just 11,877 people per game. Rumors circulated about the relocation of the Penguins’ organization. Defenseman Brooks Orbeck he said at the time That all the players thought they were headed to Kansas City.

The Penguins then drafted Sidney Crosby. They still finished last with just 58 points in Crosby’s rookie season, but attendance jumped all the way to an average of 15,804. Three Stanley Cup championships and 14 years of consecutive sellouts later, Pittsburgh is one of the best markets in the league.

To expect that kind of success for Bedard and the Coyotes—if they want to recruit him—is incredibly optimistic and borderline delusional. Having said that, with the current turmoil the Arizona franchise is embroiled in, adding a potential superstar would certainly help things move in the right direction. If Bedard lives up to his otherworldly expectations, imagine what he’ll do to show the Coyotes a new arena, and to sell tickets when they finally open.

I can see why some would see it as a waste of Bédard’s talents for him to go to Arizona, but the NHL is strongest when all of its teams are profitable. Just ask Brad Marchand.

Speaking of strong markets that could use a star, imagine Beddard making his NHL debut at the Bell Center. The way he and Team Canada blew the roof off the Scotiabank Center in Halifax on Thursday night will pale in comparison.

Montreal is a major franchise yearning for an outstanding player. The Habs haven’t had a player finish in the top 10 in league scoring in 37 years. The last Canadian to do so was Mats Naslund in 1985-86, 19 years before Bedard was born. The top three players on the current squad are all 23 or younger, and they’re all overflowing with offensive skills. Of the six best future players featuring Beddard, Nick SuzukiAnd Cole CofieldAnd Kirby Dash and 2022 first overall selection George Slavkovsky It almost seems too good to be true. That’s not even mentioning Joshua Roy, who had great chemistry with Bedard on Canada’s first line at this tournament.

Not only will this team be good, but it will be very interesting to watch.

Currently last in the Atlantic, the Canadians are expected to finish with just 68 points, giving them a 9 percent chance of landing at the top (fourth highest). Some may gloom at the thought of the team’s #1 pick overall in back-to-back drafts, but not me. Winning the Bédard sweepstakes may be for Montreal as it was for Pittsburgh in the early 2000s. There are a lot of expectations we have to place on young players, but they all have potential.

Sign me up for meaningful games in April and May at Hockey Cathedral, with a hockey team putting the puck into the net in combinations.

Like many of the teams on this list, the Sabers are full of young talent and apparently have a bright future. What makes Buffalo unique in my opinion is how diverse their prospects are in terms of position and role, and the fact that they’ve already landed a superstar in… Thompson crown.

Buffalo has a bounty of young talent up front Dylan CousinsAnd Casey Mittelstadt. Jack Quinnand Jason Petrka’s John Peyton Crips. On the blue line, the Sabers sit just as pretty with the two best overall picks Rasmus Dalin And Owen Bauer. Throw in Devon Levy as the best goaltender, who is currently dominating college hockey, and the Sabers seem set on every level.

Adding Bedard to that already excellent group could set them up for years of success, something the Sabers fan base hasn’t seen much of lately. The Swords are not out of the elimination race, but if Thompson and company fail in the finale, they’ll be in the lottery. Is there a fandom that deserves some good fortune?

Although not the largest market, Buffalo regularly proves to be one of the strongest hockey franchises in the United States. That’s even in the midst of the Sabers’ longest active drought (11 seasons), which is nearly twice as long as the next longest drought.

Give Buffalo a strong ice team, and let the fun begin.

(Top photo by Conor Bedard: Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images)

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