Cowboys could lure 17-year veteran QB veteran into retirement: Analyst

Mike McCarthy


Cowboys could consider retired QB Ryan Fitzpatrick as a potential option.

The Cowboys in Dallas An unlikely option could be seen as the next midfielder.

According to Eric Edholm of, the potential choice for the Cowboys is none other than retired quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. The 39-year-old announced his retirement in June after 17 years of his career Starting for nine different teams. Although Fitzpatrick is now having a party with coverage of Prime Video’s Friday Night Football, the QB veteran may be tempted to return with the Cowboys, Edholm suggested.

“Fitzpatrick turns 40 during Thanksgiving week. While he is still in the professional game, as part of our Thursday Night Prime Video coverage of football, he may be completely at peace with his decision to hang them,” Edulm wrote on September 12. He could jump off the couch (or from the analyst’s chair) to toss an invisible side bomb to land, this is probably the bearded marvel. What a story if it happened. “

Starting quarterback Duck Prescott will be Abroad for at least a month – and possibly up to eight weeks – due to a thumb injury that requires surgery. In the meantime, the Cowboys will go with inexperienced Cooper Rush as their quarterback running forward. In other words, Dallas has to look for a third quarterback option, considering Will Greer – on the coaching staff – is the only other player in the organization.

Fitzpatrick was impressed while working with dolphins

Fitzpatrick entered the 2021 season as the Washington Captains quarterback. However, a dislocated hip injury suffered in the season opener ended up sidelining the midfielder for the remainder of the season.

During his final season of long playing time, Fitzpatrick was solid (and arguably better than Tua Tagovailoa). He started seven games in the 2020 Miami Dolphins, scoring a 4-3 record while throwing 13 touchdowns to eight interceptions for a high completion rate of 68.5%. According to Pro Football FocusFitzpatrick scored an attacking score of 75.1, placing him 19th among the starting midfielders.

This class wasn’t out of luck either, considering that Fitzpatrick’s offensive score of 76.5 As the start of the Dolphins’ full season of 2019 lacking any key players at the center of their offensive skill set. He also posted a better Attack Score of 83.9 with a lower comma Tampa Bay Buccaneers during the 2018 season.

The fact that Fitzpatrick is a free agent who can be signed on immediately—and cheaply—could be at least somewhat attractive to a cowboy. Another prominent free midfielder in the market is Cam Newton, who has More objections were raised (16) from relegation (12) since a career-changing injury in 2018.

Jones shuts down Cowboys business idea for QB

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has basically ruled out the idea of ​​Dallas doing the quarterback deal.

“These guys [Rush and Grier] He knows very well the offense, has a lot of actors, and therefore gives us our best, ” Jones said In version 105.3 of The Fan’s Shan and RJ. “It’s unlikely because we don’t have any potential deal on hold – not on hold, but at the factory – it’s unlikely that you’ll have a veteran midfielder who can come back here and be as ready to play as those players can play, even if you think you might have an advantage. talent.”

If Dallas is determined not to make a deal for another quarterback, free agency is the only other way for the Cowboys to pursue. In the latter scenario, Dallas could try to pull Fitzpatrick out of retirement.

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