Cypress Training Camp: One Question for Alex Tooch, Peyton Cripps and Every Buffalo Striker

The Cyber He hasn’t played much with their front group this season. Kevyn Adams wanted to make sure that potential clients like Jack Quinn and JJ Peterka had a realistic path to the lineup, and now they have it.

Buffalo was again comfortable in the lower half of the Eastern Conference by scoring a year earlier. But a few players have shown promising signs and more young talents are on their way to NHL Lined up.

With training camp just a few weeks away, here’s a look at what we’re seeing from the best Cypress strikers. We’ve excluded the recently drafted forecast from this deterioration as we have a chance to focus on these players in challenging prospects starting September 15th.

Thompson’s crown

Can he abide by the contract?

Tage Thompson is no longer a promising prospect with attractive gadgets. He’s a freshman in a season of 38 goals and holds the expectations that come with a new $50 million contract. Critics will point to Thompson’s delightful shooting percentage in 2021-22 and wonder if he’ll back down. Last season was away from Thompson, but the switch to midfield seemed to unleash his attacking potential. Sabers are betting they can build on that after seeing what he’s done playing alongside Alex Touch. Thompson’s contract makes him an undisputed member of Buffalo’s long-standing core. This season he needs to show that he can live up to that.

Kyle Okposu

How much is left in the tank?

Kyle Okposo’s re-emergence was a huge boost to the Cypress team a season ago. Not only is he an important leader in the locker room, but under Granato’s leadership, Okposo has produced point totals the Sabers haven’t seen since 2017-18. Now 34 and entering the final year of his contract, Okposo could be in line to become the captain of the Sabers. If Okposo can produce between 40 and 50 points again this season, the Sabers might consider keeping him out this season. Last season seemed to invigorate Okposo. He is a fervent believer in Granato and is very excited about the young Sabers core.

Jack Quinn

Will the result translate?

Jack Quinn was a dynamic player at Rochester last season, scoring 61 points in 45 games. He cooled off in the playoffs, though, by just two points in 10 pre-season games for the Americas. Quinn earned the right to compete for the first nine minutes of the NHL lineup. Quinn said this season that he tried not to notice how the numbers game had shaken up with the Cypress strikers. He just wants to worry about developing his own game, so he’s ready to come to training camp. If his record was translated quickly, Quinn wouldn’t have to worry about those around him. The Saber will have no choice but to find a role for him.

Dylan Cousins

Could he find a scoring touch?

Sabers love what Dylan Cousins ​​brings to their squad. He has already developed into a mature leader. He is not afraid to throw his body into every area of ​​ice. He is a playmaker due to his powerful transitional game. Now he just needs to score to catch up on the rest of the match. Athletic Corey Bronman recently ranked Cousins ​​2nd among Buffalo players age 22 or younger. The belief is that he can build on the 13 points and 25 assists he earned a year ago and become more productive in the points division in his 21st season. What a boost that would give the Buffalo squad if the Cozens could realize their offensive potential.

Jeff Skinner

Can he get seasons of 50 consecutive points?

Jeff Skinner had consecutive 50-point seasons in his career once in the Carolinas, but other than that his career has been up and down when it comes to scoring. Skinner’s contract looked like an albatross on Cypress’ salary cap as Ralph Krueger was burying him in the lineup. But in his first season with Granato at the helm, Skinner scored 33 goals and had 63 points. That’s what the Cypresses pay for. Can he avoid the slump that followed those strong seasons in the past? Swords need it. He will likely play a role in the top row. With questions about how quickly younger players can develop, matching Skinner or getting close to matching his total score from a year ago is crucial.

JJ Petrka

Where does it fit?

JJ Peterka, the 2020 Sabers runner-up, has become one of the organization’s most baffling prospects. Michael Pica called him a “unicorn” and said of the German-born winger, “He has no idea how awesome he is, which is scary.” Those are strong words for Petrka, who had 68 points and progressed to a penalty in the Premier League last season. He is confident and aggressive with a puck puck on his stick and that would make him a contender for a place in the NHL squad. It’s just hard to figure out where it fits. Will he find a place in the top nine? Will he start thirteenth forward and turn forward? His playing style has to match a variety of his teammates, and this gives Granato and the coaching staff options.

Alex Touch

Who can play with him?

What a jolt Alex Touch gave the Saber last season. The Syracuse native was ecstatic to end up with his favorite childhood team. It was a breath of fresh air for the organization. What was even more promising was how high the Touch was for those around him. Tage Thompson scored 28 of his 38 goals in games played by Tuch. Tuch’s speed, passing and defensive ability make him the type of player who would be a boon to his teammates. Sabers must be excited to have a full season of Tuch. The only question I ask is, who would benefit from playing in midfield with Touch? Will Granato keep him with Thompson or will he try to get more Dylan Cousins ​​by pairing him with Touch? It’s probably the most valuable in the top row, but we’ll see if the Sabers explore other possibilities.

Casey Mittelstadt

Should he play in the middle or the wing?

Granato is not shy about wanting the attackers to have flexibility in the situation. He wants comfortable midfield and wing players to give the team options in the squad. Casey Mittelstadt is a difficult player to spot. Injuries slowed him down last year, but the Saber toyed with the idea of ​​him playing on the wing, and the results were promising. This will be a must-watch competition during bootcamp. Who earns a place in the center and who has to find a home in the ward? Granato was smart in making those decisions. His next test is figuring out how to get the most out of Middelstadt.

Beton Crisps

Can he jump?

Peyton Crips had a strange start to his career. He was recovering from a hock injury when he was golden knights He drafted it in the first round. Later he broke his jaw. Then he ended up as a piece in the knights trade Jack Eichel. So it’s understandable that the 21-year-old hasn’t had a full breakthrough yet. He scored 22 points in 48 games for the Cypresses last season and then earned 15 points in 18 AHL games plus 11 more points in 10 playoff games. He stood out as a center for the Americas during the playoff round. We’ll see if there is a place for him to play a central position in the NHL squad. But whether he’s on the wing or in the middle, the saber needs him to take the next step in his evolution this season.

Victor Olofsson

Can he stay healthy?

Buffalo Victor Olofsson extended this off-season with a two-year contract worth $4.75 million per year. This is the perfect deal for a player like Olofsson, who has shown that he can set the points high when he’s at 100%. Unfortunately, last season Olofsson sustained a wrist injury. He missed 10 matches in total and was not healthy in others. But when he was right, Olofsson showed he can still score in a powerful clip. He finished with 20 goals and 29 assists, but 16 of those 49 points came in April. The saber saw enough to give a decent hold. If he can stay healthy, there are plenty of reasons to believe he can support her.

Vinnie Hinostroza

Will he be just an extra striker?

The fact that Vinnie Hinostroza has agreed to re-sign with Sabers indicates that he expects to have a regular role in the squad. Hinostrosa was strong last season with 25 points in 62 games. He’s been a useful player in the bottom six. Injuries will eventually help the sabers arrange their forward position, but with everyone in good health, will Hinostroza take an icy time from Quinn or Peterka? I’m curious to see how the Hinostroza saber works in the lineup.

Rasmus Asplund

Can the score catch up with the defense?

Rasmus Asplund is already an important part of the Sabers squad because of what he can do defensively. He got the votes of Selke last season for a reason. The question is whether its registration can catch at all. At the IIHF World Championships, Asplund scored six goals in eight matches for Sweden. Defense will always be his strong suit, but Asplund may have some offensive upside that remains untapped. The sword doesn’t need much of it in this department, but it will be a bonus.

Zymjus Jergenson

Will he play in the middle or the winger?

Like Asplund, Zemgus Girgensons is a positive influence on the Sabers squad due to his strong defense. He’s also part of the veteran locker room leadership squad. The only unknown with the Gergensons is whether he will see more time in the center or the wing. The truth is that it can move back and forth depending on what the swords need. Kevin Adams said the coaching staff feels comfortable with him in both locations, so his role can depend on what’s going on around him during bootcamp.

Others are competing for positions: Anders BjorkAnd the Riley Sheehan

Anders Bjork didn’t have a solid season a year ago, and he could be outside looking into the squad once training camp is over. Bjork is in the final year of his contract and now has to contend with the fast-rising Sabers group of strong prospects forward. We’ll see soon if it’s up to the task. Meanwhile, Riley Sheehan is back in a two-way deal to provide some depth. He could end up in Rochester but has NHL experience if needed.

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