Dakota Johnson makes a racy joke about Armie Hammer’s allegations of cannibalism

  • Dakota Johnson has brought out allegations of cannibalism against Armie Hammer at the Sundance Film Festival.
  • She joked that she was almost cast in “Call Me By Your Name,” playing Peaches.
  • “I would have been another woman that Armie Hammer tried to eat,” she said. variety.

Dakota Johnson shocked the audience at the Sundance Film Festival Thursday night by cracking a joke about it “Call me by your name” star Armie Hammer While honoring the director of the film.

The 33-year-old actor kicked off the festival’s opening night by presenting the International Icon Award to celebrated Italian director Luca Guadagnino at the Taste of Sundance event.

Johnson, who has appeared in Guadagnino’s films “A Bigger Splash” (2015) and “Suspiria” (2018), began her speech by praising the iconic filmmaker before joking about “The Social Network” and the costar’s “Wounds.” Alleged text messages about cannibalism.

Speaking of the Oscar-winning coming-of-age story starring Hammer and Timothee Chalamet, she said, “Unfortunately, I wasn’t in that story.”

“It was unfortunate. Luca asked me to play Peaches, but our schedules conflict,” she continued, in an interview. variety.

“Thank God, because then I would have been another woman that Armie Hammer tried to eat,” she joked, as the crowd reacted with gasps, laughter and applause.

Call me by your name Sony Pictures Classics

“Call Me By Your Name” features an infamous scene involving Peaches and Masturbation.

Sony Pictures classics

In one of the most memorable moments of “Call Me By Your Name,” teen Elio (Chalamet) masturbates with Peaches while in his bedroom after having sexual feelings for his father’s research assistant, Oliver (Hammer).

In the novel by Andre Aciman, the film is based on, Oliver later discovers a peach and eats it, but this scene does He does not appear in the movie.

Moments later in her speech, Johnson turned her attention to me “Bones and All” Guadagnino’s latest film, which also stars Chalamet and tells the love story of two cannibals.

“It’s been five years since the movie was shown here and Luca hasn’t stopped taking us to exciting places,” she said. Who knew cannibalism was so common?

Armie Hammer 2

Allegations of sexual assault against Armie Hammer began to surface in January 2021.

Paul Bruinooge/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Guadagnino has previously shut down claims that “Bones and All” was inspired by the real-life Hammer Controversies that make headlines.

David Kaganich and Theresa Park, our writer and producer, have been working on Bones and All since the book was released. [in 2015]. Several years ago, probably around the time we were filming Call Me by Your Name,” Guadagnino explained during a keynote presentation at the Zurich Film Festival, in variety.

“It was to be directed by my great colleague Antonio Campos, but he decided not to. That’s when they gave me the script. Any association with this kind of innuendo and absurdity is preposterous.”

a Series of abuse allegations v. Hammer goes public in 2021. The actor has been charged Abuse and sexual assault by multiple women It was also reported that they sent NSFW direct messages on Instagram.

The messages have not been verified by the media, including Insider, and detail fantasies, including drinking blood, sexual domination, and even acts of cannibalism.

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