‘Doctor. Phil Ends After 21 Seasons Amid Seismic Shifts In Syndication – Deadline

another match during the day, Dr. Phil McGraw, departing after more than two decades as one of talk show’s most popular hosts. syndicated daytime show, Dr. Phil, The original episode series will end with the current 2022-2023 TV season, 21 of the show.

McGraw’s decision comes as his final contract draws to a close. Dr. Phil It received a renewal for five seasons in 2018 As part of the mega deal extension with CBS Media Ventures, during its current season.

It’s been a transformative year in the increasingly challenging daytime talk show landscape, with a champion The Ellen DeGeneres ShowAnd The Wendy Williams ShowAnd MoreyAnd Doctor Oz Beside Real All expire within the past twelve months.

CBS Media Ventures will provide episodes of the stations library of Dr. Phil For the 2023-24 season and beyond. It will include new content such as detours and introductions by McGraw, as well as guest updates.

I heard the distributor aims to keep it Dr. PhilPeaks to repeat at the same or similar price, which encounters some initial resistance from the stations. CBS Media Ventures has successfully done this with Judge Judy After, after end of 2021 From the court show hit. Repeats air in the same timeslots in most major markets, with Judge Judy as the current #4 most watched syndicated program, with little erosion in the ratings.

The current daytime dean, McGraw began his television career The Oprah Winfrey Show in the late 1990s before he headlined his own, produced by Winfrey’s Harpo Studios. started in september 2002, Dr. Phil It was an instant hit, ranking second in the ratings only to opera. After Winfrey’s departure from Al-Nahar in 2011, Dr. Phil It took the crown as the most-watched daytime syndicated talk show, which it has held for the past decade, but has recently slipped to second place behind Live with Kelly and Ryan. Amid an overall decline in linear ratings, Dr. Phil It still attracts around 2 million viewers.

“I’ve been blessed with over 25 amazing years in daytime television,” said McGraw. “Through this show, we have helped thousands of guests and millions of viewers through everything from addiction and marriage to mental health and parenting. This has been an amazing chapter of my life and career, but as I move on from the day, there is so much I hope to do.”

Along with two other daytime syndicated shows produced by McGraw, the doctors And Daily Mail TV, canceled last yearhis decision to terminate Dr. Phil Marks a definitive daytime departure for the popular television personality who, along with his daytime career, has been building a solid track record in primetime, executive producing back-to-back successful CBS drama series in bull And he demanded So Todd helped me.

In the near future, McGraw plans to focus on primetime programming with a new partnership, scheduled to launch in early 2024.

“I am compelled to engage with a broader audience because I have grave concerns about the American family, and I am determined to help restore clarity of purpose as well as our core values,” he said.

during its operation, Dr. Phil, which features McGraw tackling a different topic on each show and giving advice to his guests, received 31 Emmy Award nominations and won five PRISM Awards for accurate portrayal of drug, alcohol, and tobacco use and addiction, as well as MADD (Mothers Against Drunk). Drivers) Media Award.

“Phil is a valued partner and member of the CBS/King World family, and while his show may end after 21 years, I’m happy to say our relationship is not,” said Steve Locaccio, president of CBS Media Ventures. “Phil changed the daytime landscape as the force behind one of the most popular talk shows ever on daytime television. We plan to be in Dr. Phil working with the library for years to come and welcoming opportunities to work together in the future. “

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